Sales of quad tour stations

Quad Tours trees. Nevertheless, there are still times before again, that organizes quad tours their stations for various reasons (Age, health, family or professional changes) want to give up or have.

As this is in most cases very well booked and popular regions, it is for our customers and us, of course, desirable, when the tours of other interested parties to be continued.

On this page we give an overview of possible purchases. Of course, there are also free regions for complete start-ups. We will advise you based on our experience.

Early 2018 must be purchased:

Quad Station in Alfhausen in Osnabrück

The tours are with us for years to 10 most booked tours Germany. The owner has led the tours only on weekends – second job.
Due to a change in the main job remains from 2018 not enough time.
Hence the chance, to buy a shop with ideal infrastructure. The operation can run unhindered. By existing partners, Event agencies or intermediaries like us, places for quad biking and quad rentals are permanently sold.

Quad Station in southern Bavaria

A provider in Bavaria is aimed so slow at his age retirement and want to sell his quad station on occasion.

If you are seriously interested please register first
by e-mail
or telephone 05322 – 9049150
You can also open questions here.

You will receive a contact from the owner.

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