Information in Corona times

We are currently receiving a lot of questions about. of quad tours during the Covid 19 restriction measures.
Therefore we summarize some current information here.

Corona protection restrictions

At the current time (Beginning 12.5.21) fallen die Inzidenzen in vielen Bundesländern für längere Zeit unter die 100er-Marke. Daher dürfen an einigen Orten bereits jetzt, an anderen voraussichtlich in den kommenden Wochen, wieder kleine Veranstaltungen und somit auch Quadtouren wieder durchgeführt werden.
Die Entscheidung obliegt aber im Einzelfall den Bundesländern, die die Genehmigung für jeden Tourort erteilen.
In den nördlichen und östlichen Landesteilen (p.e. Lower Saxony , Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Berlin/Brandenburg) werden die Touren früher wieder möglich sein als z.B. im Süden.

Fragen Sie im Einzelfall nach, ob kurzfristige Termine möglich sind. Längerfristige Termine ab ca. Mitte Juni sind mit hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit nicht mehr von Verboten betroffen und können bereits gebucht werden.

Wir können noch nicht beurteilen, ob für einige Standorte in Zukunft ggf. Impf- und/oder Testnachweise notwendig sein werden. Aktuell werden diese Belege nicht benötigt (p.e. laut Auskunft Landkreis Goslar für den Standort in Altenau/Harz).

Hygiene measures on site

In the times, in which quad tours are carried out, Pay attention to this during instruction and during breaks, that mouth and nose protection is worn and that they are kept at a distance. You should bring an appropriate mask with you.
The rental helmets are cleaned particularly intensively. The inner lining of the helmets is washed out daily.
The helmets are sprayed with a special spray between tours. A balaclava is worn under the helmets. It is also possible, Bring your own helmets.
There is no need to wear a mask while driving, but helmet and balaclava even in non-Corona times.
It should be with the staff, Customers or the environment come to a Covid 19 infection, The company will be quarantined for 14 days. The tours pause during this time and will be made up later.

Procedure for tour cancellations

Should an already booked tour date have to be canceled by the organizer due to official regulations, the tickets remain valid.
You can then make a new appointment. Should this not be possible on your part, we pay the amount (bitte geben Sie diesen Fall bereits vor der Buchung an, damit wir diese Sondervereinbarung treffen können).
If the appointment takes place, but (separate) Participants do not have an entry permit into the (Federal)land received, please contact us in good time, to find a joint solution with the organizer.
Please pay attention to it privately, that you up to 2 Avoid crowds for weeks of the tour, in order not to be able to take part in the tour due to illness or to infect people. If the participant is ill and therefore cancels himself, the ticket will not be refunded.

Voucher validity

Da is 2020 and 2021 there is a reduced number of available appointments, we will use all current and newly issued coupons 5 Unlock years of validity until the end of the year.
Since we mostly don't know the voucher holder, we cannot notify everyone about this. However, the voucher numbers are already given the new date in our system.
Who wants to be sure, can contact us by email or phone. We will then send you a confirmation email for the extension.

Customer protection and economic consequences

Understandably, consumers are concerned, the company could suffer economic damage from the corona measures.
Ventori und seine Portale wie ATV-Quad-Tour sind grundsätzlich auf längere Ausfälle aufgrund von Naturkatastrophen, Pandemic, official changes to the law or similar. prepared.
The liquidity for payments to business partners, Employee, Suppliers and voucher redemption has the highest priority in our company.
Besides the reserve, the tours were from May to October 2020 very well booked. Hence we have 2020 survived very well and are also for 2021 very confident.
This also applies to the organizers in the individual regions, who run the tours. Wir konnten über den Winter unser Portfolio auch mit ca. 10 neuen Orten erweitern.
At this point we would also like to thank 90% of all customers, who kept their tickets for a new date and for your trust.

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