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Data protection

Data protection

Privacy Policy of projects Ventori Europe OÜ

On this page you will find information in an understandable form as possible about protecting your our online resources (Websites) and online presences (p.e. Social Media Profile) personal data entrusted. We inform you, which personal data are collected from the use of our offers and services and how we use it, then.
For a better understanding of individual passages we introduce some examples on. However, these examples do not mean, that describe this exclusive and not always carried out operations, but examples in accordance with the accepted definition of "example" are.

Relevant legal basis for this statement are the items GDPR (EU Data Protection Regulation), since we have a seat and a significant proportion of visitors within the EU:
Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. a kind and. 7 GDPR obtaining consent
Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. b GDPR processing performance of the services, contractual measures and answering inquiries
Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. c GDPR fulfill legal obligations
Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. d GDPR Vital interests of persons
Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f GDPR protect our legitimate interests

Purpose of data processing

Ventori Europe OÜ is an online company. We give priority services in the entertainment sector (Other Events), and products through partner companies (Affiliate). We also operate information portals for different areas, and mainly financed partly through advertising.
As far Ventori Europ OÜ collects personal data, processed and transmitted, this is done to the stated in this Privacy Policy each purposes.
Its necessary for the business transaction will be stored and passed for order processing to authorized service providers to the extent required of us.
We have taken technical and organizational measures, ensuring, that the rules on data protection are followed by us and by external service providers.

Call our sites

We collect and store your IP address, giving you access your media (Computer, Smartphone, Router, VPN provider) assigns, to convey the gathered by the contents of our web portals to your terminal (text, images, etc. Files for download) (see. Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. b GDPR). The transmission is a necessary procedure, so you can go to a site on your browser or app ever.
These data will be used for fraud detection and tracking. Government agencies can use the data for law enforcement. In that regard, the legal basis is Article. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f GDPR. Our legitimate interest in the data processing lies in the fact, ensure the proper functioning of our web site as well as about the transactions.

In addition to the IP address when calling sites are generally transmitted, other data, can be read out: p.e. date, time of day, pages viewed, Browser, OS, and regional location of the provider. This data, however, no personal data is carried out by us, as far as this is required not legally and notendig to Starfverfolgung. However, the statistical analysis of anonymous data is possible.
Thus, it is e.g.. possible to determine, with what percentage of users use certain browser. This statistic we evaluate. It helps us, for future programming us specifically to the browser, operating systems, etc.. to concentrate, actually (still) as combination..
This saves us time, we then intensively for customer service, etc programming better features, to be able to use.

When using a VPN provider, you can replace your own IP address with an IP address of the VPN, so we can not identify the origin.
However, we assume no liability for, how the data to the VPN provider processes and, if necessary. as combination.. the visitor is solely responsible for the use of the VPN and similar services to conceal one's own IP address.

Storage of IP addresses

In connection with your access will be stored on our servers for security purposes and on the basis of our legitimate interests in log files, may allow the identification (For example, IP address).
To access data also include the referring URL, the URL of the previously visited page, Access date and time, amount of data transferred, Browserversion, Operating system and provider.

We store IP addresses for a period of up to seven days. The storage is done for reasons of data security, to ensure the stability and reliability of our system. When data for storage must be kept as evidence in specific cases, these are to a final solution of the respective incident excluded from the deletion.

Cookies und Tracking

A cookie is a small text file, locally on your device (Computer) is stored, when you visit a website in the browser. When you visit this site again from the same device (have deleted in the meantime without the cookie file), shows the cookie to, that it is a repeat visit. Cookies are also used for analysis on the use of our website. Cookies do not contain personal information. Their contents You can even see on your computer. Cookies are not suitable, They identify third parties on the websites.
On the following Wikipedia page, the operation, their typical features and content, presented as well as the bankruptcy of the use of cookies detail:

Cookies are necessary or at least useful for some functions (Functionality Cookies). An example of the application is a re-use of a website with registration requirements without re-stating his user name and password, if one has not previously logged.
This saves the user time. However, you should be careful, that the computer is not being used by other unauthorized persons. Because then that person could enter the user account without logging. Remedy creates password protected locks the operating system at startup, to log out of the site after its use or the regular deletion of cookies after use.
Cookies can also have a certain duration. After the end of this period, the data are no longer available.
Without the use of cookies some functions are not possible. Therefore, we use cookies.
This is particularly true with cookies fundamental to the working of our site. This awarded anonymous session IDs for bundling multiple queries to a Web server and the correct operation of applications and orders.
come which cookies on our sites are used, you can see even in the most popular browsers. In Google Chrome click, for example, the top left of the green icon with the castle "Sure". The icon shows you first of all, that the sites is SSL-encrypted. When you click, you see the item "Cookies". Here all cookies are now listed and e.g.. be over which third-party cookies enabled. You can block these cookies, depending on the browser itself and remove.

You can prevent cookies from being saved automatically, but are then ù.ù. and registrations not possible. Since we do not force anyone to the benefit of our site offerings, it is for the user, if you agree to the use of cookies or not.

In cases eingen e.g be. The ads of company delivered directly. Here may use cookies, without us being able to point out. These are e.g.. to, to identify our company as a mediator. When advertising links, we receive a commission from the advertising company. These serve, to fund our website. These cookies can be deleted even.

We are also working with external companies in compliance with the legal requirements, who provide services such as web tracking and audience measurement for us. They serve us to determine attendance of individual pages, regional focus, Use of browser versions, Dwell on the part of inter alia. for future planning of our website activities.
also store these cookies any information, which allow personal identification of the visitor. They are counted anonymous and thus aggregated to a user statistics information. We recognize, for example, by, how many of our visitors use a particular browser. but we can not read in the generated statistics, which browser you use personally, or. not subordinate their usage personalized.
These companies have their own privacy information (Privacy Policy), which can be found on the websites of these service providers.
A use of our offers is also possible without cookies. If you want to accept cookies, You can disable this principle even within your browser and share individual sites.

Links to other websites

Our website contains links to other websites. We have no influence on, the extent to which their operators adhere to the privacy policy.


Users can create a few pages of Ventori Europe OÜ a user account. The required information will be provided to users. This data is used for use of the offer. Registered users may change the offer, be informed technical circumstances or otherwise offer specific desired details via e-mail.
Users may cancel their account at any time. After that existing data of the user account will be deleted, subject to their storage obligation from trade- acc or tax reasons. Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. c GDPR. It is your responsibility, to secure their data in time with notice.

save upon registration and during the period of the active user account (tracken) We whose use your IP address and the respective times. The storage is done for your own protection against abuse and unauthorized use, and on the basis of our legitimate interests. The transfer of such data to third parties except not to pursue claims and legal obligations pursuant. Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. c GDPR.


The contributions in our discussion forums and comment fields are i.d.R. world visible to everyone and traceable including search engines. For your contributions You are responsible. You should therefore carefully püfen, whether they want to actually publish the statements made there.
Deletion requests and corrections we can i.d.R. only carry out our original page. If our site copied in whole or in part by andereren, be archived or by search engines, We have no influence. Delete remote servers can be requested from us though, but rarely leads in particular foreign web hosts to success. Therefore, there is no entitlement to erasing data on remote servers for even set comments and data.

In your comments your IP address within the meaning of Art is. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f. GDPR for 7 days saved. You even have the option, exclude the storage.
We stand for freedom of expression. However, legislators or rights holders can ask us, illegal content (Insults, hounding, Copyright infringement, etc.) to delete. For our part, we reserve the right, Contributions in case of abuse (Spam, virus- or malware distribution) reduce or remove (according to Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f. GDPR).

personal data

Personal information is information, which can be used to, to identify them. Typical data Name, mailing address, Email and phone number, but also physical, genetic, economic, cultural and social characteristics, and usage patterns and IP addresses.
Non-personal data are random anonymous data. This information is used e.g.. to determine the number of visitors a site.

You can use our online services without revealing your identity. Only when you order a product or service, make an inquiry or register for our services, enter your personal data in our form. Mandatory for processing your inquiry or reservation (p.e. E-mail address) are marked. All other information is voluntary until the time of need for the booking process abandonment (p.e. Mailing address in the event of a booking, or. Order).
Unless the data are not necessary, it is subject to your decision, whether you enter this data, or. about E-Mail, transmit fax or mail.

For telephone inquiries, please note, that we possibly because of your voice. your gender, Your age and also can hear the regional origin because of the dialect. We will not process this information, not statistically recycle and produce any prejudice. Further processing takes place only, if you give us your specific data, one z.B. give up a booking inquiry or order of his own will.
The information provided to us by telephone, we enter into our digital communication systems, to handle requests and orders and to contact later with the result again. The data is stored on secure servers.

If you want to only make a request for information and to disclose any personal information about yourself, you should change your vote accordingly so, that we neither sex, yet able to determine the age and origin.

Processing of personal data

Personal data are processed, if you provide it voluntarily, p.e. at a request, a booking / order, Collection of information, Registrations for our services or a newsletter. The legal basis is respect Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. b GDPR. To the processed data we include customer data, employee data, Partner data and data of suppliers and external service providers, to the extent necessary for the designated under this privacy policy purposes.

As far as we, as described above, Your data for the receipt and processing of your respective request, process booking or order, you are required, to make these data available to us, otherwise we are not able, To edit your preferred concern. For example, to request a coupon by mail, we absolutely need your postal address, we need to print for employees of postal delivery visible on the envelopes just as compelling.

Unless you have consented to the processing of personal data (see. Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. a DSGVO), You can withdraw your consent at any time, without the legality of up to the revocation occurred because of the consent process is touched.
In the event of the above post shipping it means, for example,, that they can not demand the deletion of the printed on the mail address, if the letter is on its way.
However, we stop off revocation further processing after becoming aware of the revocation.


When contacting us via the contact form, E-Mail, Phone, Post, Fax, Chat or social media your data for processing the request in accordance. Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. b) GDPR processed.
When inquiring about form users receive a confirmation email. If a foreign person has entered your email address by mistake or on purpose, we can not verify before the automatic sending the correct e-mail address. It is the misdirected person, looking to make the mistake of attention or ignore the message. However, we can not know when not Alert, that there is a faulty email, so that possibly. digital orders (p.e. Gift certificates) Followed with bills. unintentionally also sent to your E-mail. The bills can ignore permanently in these cases. but sent unpaid vouchers can not be redeemed also.
Provided that the contact information is correct, we will until the completion of the desired order, or. Contact inquiry, unless they express a desire for early termination. Possible claims up to the cancellation of the contact (p.e. payment claims) remain unaffected. Should later arise needs to continue the contact, is a resumption of contact from both sides possible.

The contact details and wishes of users can in a customer relationship management system, ticket system, Mail system and accounting system are stored, provided that a processing is necessary (especially with bookings and orders, but also in to be searched appointment requests).

We delete the requests, provided that they are no longer required. We review the need for the end of each year. Furthermore, the legal archiving obligations apply.

order processing: Online Store and User account

We process the data of our customers during the ordering process usually in an individual manual process for account.
A second variant is, that will take you directly to the site and the online shop of our partner and there first enter your personal information for booking / order. Ventori Europe OÜ receives in this case, no data, but merely informative, that a reservation / appointment for a certain amount, and takes place and at any given time is, to check commission credits.
The third variant is an online store on our web server, to give them the choice and order of the selected products. or. Services, their payment current with several payment methods and their delivery, or. to allow execution in a timely manner.
The fourth variant of this online store is integrated by an external payment service in our website.
Each variant used depends on the particular needs and is from you by markings for external Zahlunsgdienstleistern and links, or. by the process (Bill only after a confirmed reservation) recognizable.

Among the processed data include inventory data, communications data, contract data, Payment data and are among the most affected by the processing people our customers, Prospects and business partners. The processing is done for the purpose of providing contractual services relating to the operation of an online shop incl. billing, Delivery and customer service. By using an online store, we use session cookies to store the cart contents and permanent cookies to store the login status.
Whose processing is carried out on the basis of the type. 6 Abs. 1 lit. b (Implementation of ordering processes) and c (Archiving legally required) GDPR, for which these data are notwenig.
This data is only to staff, Companies, forwarded legal and medical associations, unless they are necessary for the processing of the order process and legal requirements.

In online stores, users can optionally create a user account. In this account are customer data, invoice data, view shipping addresses and orders. The mandatory fields are visible in the registration process by asterisks symbols and warnings, if not indicated. User accounts are accessible only with username and password and recognizable.
User accounts can be terminated by the user. The data is then - unless there are legal reasons corr. Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. c GDPR stand against it, deleted.
It is your responsibility, to secure their data in time before termination.

save upon registration and during the period of the active user account (tracken) We whose use your IP address and the respective times. The storage is done for your own protection against abuse and unauthorized use, and on the basis of our legitimate interests. The transfer of such data to third parties except not to pursue claims and legal obligations pursuant. Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. c GDPR.

Ventori Europe OÜ checked at year end, whether user account data due to trade- or tax law retention requirements, Warranty obligations or other legal documents, running order- or subscription processes or must be stored at the request of users or deleted. A deletion occurs then for the erasable data without being obliged to notify the user.


As part of our intermediary function (p.e. Mediation of interested customers Event organizers) We process data of customers, who have signed up on the contacts of Ventori Europe OÜ.
Here, we process the following data, in order to meet our contractual or pre-contractual services: inventory data, contact details, payment data, Contract data of the partner companies, stationary- and time-bound data.
Due to certain conditions for booking events are possibly. also health and physical Personal Information (pregnancy, physical and health Honing, disabilities, Age, mass, size, national languages) and other circumstances (p.e. (Not-)Presence of a driver's license) processed and - if for the desired service needed – forwarded to the responsible for the event company, unless called by the customer voluntarily without asking us this. None of these data must be given to us. If the conditions specified by us to attend events or to purchase products can not be customers for a request, but before an order the Booking- cancel or purchase request, to name the specific reasons without us. This also applies in case of cancellation, if such the terms and conditions (in particular the cancellation periods) corresponds to. It is therefore up to customers, to examine the conditions for ordering before a firm confirmation.

Ventori Europe OÜ checked at year end, whether the data support is suffering obligations due to trade- or tax law retention requirements, Warranty obligations or other legal documents, running order- or subscription processes or must be stored at the request of users or deleted. A deletion occurs then for the erasable data without being obliged to notify the user.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

Your personal information, you have already left on our website, be passed in necessary cases to partner companies for further processing depending on the service you require. This information sharing is i.d.R. necessary for bookings of events and orders for products and services via our web site in the role of mediator, Middlemen and Affiliates.
As an example, an event organizer can see by your name, that really booked person participating in the event and no other person can claim, they would have booked the seats.
The exchange of information is also important, if you want to cancel and reversal, or. must be referred back.
Also for the necessary conditions for bookings, p.e. Minimum age, Possession of a driving license, Telephone for emergencies of a last minute cancellation is a transfer necessary.
We ask on our site all the necessary information on, we i.d.R. also completely transferred to the partner company. The further processing of your data for these companies regulates the privacy policy of their respective companies. This is especially true for data, communicated there the first time and not get to us (p.e. DMV records or order details in the linked affilliate partners). In the booking process, we share our customers' contact with, to find out about the local data protection. If you then have concerns about your privacy, You can tell us and interrupt the order process. We will then speak immediately with our partners on the criticisms, continue the ordering process after correction (as far as possible) cancel or on request.
When linked affiliate programs you get the information on the then newly opened external website - i.d.R. under the menu item "Privacy" or "Privacy Policy" in the footer.

If necessary, we use a service provider, process the data on our behalf (p.e. software development, Marketing, Customer Service, accounting, tax administration, payment service). In the cases described here are possibly. passed some information to these sites, to allow further processing. The bound by instructions job manager are required, to treat your data strictly confidential and will not be used for other purposes.

In payments personally identifiable information, and a link between you and our company emerge. We offer our customers generally more common methods of payment. It is your responsibility, which bank, savings bank, Online payment service you choose. We have no control over the privacy policies of your chosen payment institution and to our banks with headquarters in Germany and Estonia. bank statements, which, if necessary. also may contain personal data, we keep only until the legally required time to. For transfers we can not see, of which account the amount entered. Exceptions are the payment direct debit and PayPal. If you forget, write your account number on the transfer form, we check the data available to us (Price, place of residence, Name, time), to assign to the presumed order process.

The transfer of data to processors established in functionally necessary reasons made on the basis of Article. 28 Abs. 1 GDPR (Job processing contract).
Unless we pass in our processing data to third parties or grant them access to the data, this is done only on the basis of a legal permission, with your consent, a law or on the basis of our legitimate interests.

We do not sell your data to third parties nor market them otherwise.

We are required by law, forward your personal data without your express consent to law enforcement agencies and, where appropriate, to injured third parties, if it is necessary for the detection of illegal use of our services or for bringing actions. The authorities must provide an arrangement us this.
Unless ourselves apparent harm was done or a concrete indication of any unlawful or abusive conduct, We will use as personal data and if necessary. forwarded to authorities. As an example, to be called the continuing non-payment of an invoice here.
We are also required by law, on request to provide public bodies information. Examples include law enforcement agencies, Tax and regulatory agencies.

Sharing this data is based on our legitimate interest in combating abuse, the prosecution of crime and the safety, Assertion and enforcement of claims unless outweigh your rights and interests in the protection of your personal data, Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f GDPR.

E-Mail – measuring success

Important e-mails in the booking process (Sending out of documents required to order, or. Ticketing ) contain a pixel (tiny image file), the opening of our server, or. of the shipper mail Butler tracking pixels, is retrieved from the server. be accessed by information on the browser used, operating system, Your IP address and the time of the call.
This information is used to detect us, if an important email has arrived at your site or e.g.. has landed in the spam folder.
With this information we could explore your reading behavior. However, it is not our endeavor, to observe or analyze. It's all about it, you receive important documents in mutual interest, so we, if necessary, send or mail again you can contact in other ways.
You may object to this tracking form (See contact details at the bottom), but should then their spam mailbox have constantly in view, to miss any important documents and information.

Data transmission between States

Ventori Europe OÜ sees itself as a global company with headquarters in the EU. It is therefore essential, that we can not only process data within the EU, p.e. if the user or the actual organizer sitting for an event outside the EU. Also, we usually use in individual cases known common tools of Statistics, Marketing suppose messaging. The used tools and associated businesses are selected as, that its Privacy Policy to our Privacy Policy (and thus EU compliant, or. comparable standards such as e.g.. as prescribed in the US "Privacy Shield") satisfy. They are individually listed here with their functions.


Ventori Europe OÜ uses technical and organizational security measures, your data provided to us against manipulation, Verlust, to protect destruction and access by unauthorized persons.
From loss and destruction of a triple backup of the data on three different servers protect different locations. The measures are continuously improved in line with technological development.
If you enter personal data is on our website with SSL encryption. encrypts the transmission of data takes place for storage.
We protect our tools for editing websites, Database queries, Data transfer etc.. through secure passwords and by the restriction to only a very few authorized users.
Updates of standard tools, Plugins, Themes etc. are entered via a monitoring tool immediately. These monitoring tools are password protected and restricted persons.
We do not recommend at this point as well as the use of "strong" used elsewhere passwords, p.e. with special characters, Numbers and great length, if you want to choose and use passwords on our sites or have.

Interventions by third parties on our database system, the website and the server are security tools (Firewall Monitoring, Protection against DDOS attacks, Spamfilter, Reviewing and blocking of login attempts etc.) monitored by both Ventori Europe OÜ and by the web host providers.

On the terminals of our employees and data processors we use antivirus software and programs against malware, to protect your data.

In the event of a successful invasion, despite all the security measures Ventori Europe will inform the affected users immediately after the announcement, whether their data is affected. In this case the cancellation account for e-mail notification, since the Infomationspflicht is weighted higher law.


As part of orders for service Services (p.e. accounting, programming, Marketing, strategic advice, analyzes, Design, training, social measures) We process data of customers, who have signed up on the contacts of Ventori Europe OÜ and those of the appointed contractor.
We use this for the use required or for internal testing randomly or as needed based on criteria selected inventory data, contact details, content (text, Pictures etc.), payment data, Contracts and usage data of customers, interested persons, website visitors, employees, Partners and third parties.
The purpose of this processing are the fulfillment of contract- and services, and billing on the basis of Article. 6 Abs. 1 lit. b GDPR (contractual services), Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f GDPR (Analysis, statistical, optimization, Safety measures). We will not share this information with third parties, unless it is required by the service demanded by the client's instructions or legal conditions.
The data processing in a case of an order as per §. Art. 28 GDPR and not for other purposes.

Ventori Europe OÜ checked at year end, whether the data support is suffering obligations due to trade- or tax law retention requirements, Warranty obligations or other legal documents, running order- or subscription processes or must be stored at the request of users or deleted. A deletion occurs then for the erasable data without being obliged to notify the user.


We use the accounting system of Sevdesk. We provide on secure servers protected by a password and user limited personal information from customers and partners. There are contact details including name, Address , phone number, E-mail and the order data of the booked events or the ordered product with price- and date indication. are stored here, the bills, which, if necessary. other data such as account information for direct debit, SteuerID for corporate customers and confirmations.
These data are essential for the completion of the desired order and to keep documents because of regulatory and tax regulations.
You have a right to information about the stored data (see below). We delete the data after the retention periods. A review is also conducted each year end.
SEVENIT GmbH, Main road 40, 77652 Offenburg
Data protection:


We use the Scan Service Scan Drop. Unless mail is delivered in writing to us, This service scans the letters on our express request and provides us with the content of the letter in digital form as a JPG for retrieval via password-protected access to their Web site. This would allow employees drop Scan get insight into the content.
We process the scanned data as well as data, which are delivered to us on the way of an email or a fax.
If you object to this form of scanning, please use a different transmission path. Alternatively, you can inform us on another path of contact, that they have let us by mail a letter to come and do not want, that it is open from drop Scan. We will then instruct drop Scan, the letter with which you have named sender address (encrypted possible) to send unopened to an address, to which the authorized persons of Ventori Europe OÜ, which they can determine in advance, have access.
Dropscan GmbH, Ehrenbergstr. 16a, 10245 Berlin
Data protection:

Amazon Affiliate Program

We are based on our legitimate interests in the economic operation of our reserves within the meaning of Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f. GDPR participant in the affiliate program from Amazon EU. It was designed to provide advertising and linking to for websites. Using these rankings we earn advertising fees.
Here, Amazon uses cookies, the origin to determine from our websites. This recognizes Amazon, that you clicked the affiliate link on our website and then purchased a product from Amazon.
These cookies, you can remove yourself in your browser. Then we would not receive referral fees from Amazon.

Information about Amazon affiliate program and their data protection directives can be found here:

Other Affiliate Programs

We are based on our legitimate interests in the economic operation of our reserves within the meaning of Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f. GDPR participants in affiliate programs of various companies over partner networks. These were designed to provide advertisements and links to the websites of the companies. Using these rankings we earn advertising fees.
Here, the networks put a cookie, the origin to determine from our websites. This recognized the networks, that you clicked the affiliate link on our website and then purchased a product at a particular company. The purpose is to assign us to the advertising company, to the correct payment of the advertising fees to obtain by means of the partner network.
Personal data will not be included on our data, but only to those sites of advertisers. We can not therefore see, which persons acquired the Linked Products.
The cookies are only stored on your device. You can remove it yourself in your browser. Then we would not receive referral fees.

We participate in the following partner networks:
awin: AWIN AG, Eichhornstraße 3, 10785 Berlin
Data protection:

Affilinet, affilinet GmbH, Sapporobogen 6-8, 80637 Munich
Data protection:

Tradedoubler, Tradedoubler GmbH, Herzog-Wilhelm-Straße 26, 80331 Munich
Data protection:

Webgains, ad pepper media GmbH, Frankenstraße 150C, FrankenCampus, 90461 Nuremberg
Data protection:

Adcell, Firstlead GmbH, Rosenfelder Str. 15-16, 10315 Berlin
Data protection:

Integration of services and content of third parties

We set our sites online services based on our legitimate interest for analysis, Optimization and efficient operation within the meaning of Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f. GDPR content- and services of third parties a, to their content and services integrate.

Technical requirements for the use and display of these services is to provide the IP address of the user. Third parties can also pixel tags (small invisible images) for statistical or use marketing purposes. This reduces the number of visitors can be evaluated on websites, what is the purpose of this tracking method.
The provider can use the anonymous data in cookies on your mobile device with indication of type of browser, operating system, save website visited and length of stay.
You can even find on your browser, which cookies are stored, read the contents and delete cookies and block for future stores.

We use our websites following external integrations:


We integrate videos video platform YouTube (Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, THAT 94043, USA) on. These can be accessed directly on our website, however, for performance- and legal reasons, played on the YouTube page. This Google receives the dedicated IP address. This is Google inter alia. used, certain videos from each legal or copyright reasons to block country.
Data protection:


Google Fonts

We integrate the fonts Google Fonts (Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, THAT 94043, USA) on. They are used to represent certain "nicer" non-standard fonts. These fonts are loaded for performance reasons directly from Google servers, so that Google can take this dedicated IP address for information.
Data protection:


Google Maps

We integrate on a contractual basis maps of the service Google Maps (Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, THAT 94043, USA) on.
The cards are used for orientation of our users, to locate sites for events.
The function allows the visual representation of geographic information and interactive maps.
For legal and functional reasons, these cards are called directly from Google's servers within our sites.
Google processes require your dedicated IP address, in order to use location data. This allows the card view start right there, where you are just. This makes it easier in many cases overview.
However, they themselves give Google when using these cards, the consent of the settings of the app on mobile devices or within your browser on computers and this consent can also be revoked.
The data can be processed in the US. For data transfers to the USA adequacy decision by the European Commission is present.
yet they have the right reasons, the result from your particular situation, at all times against this kind of. 6 (1) f DSGVO based processing concerning you personal data to contradict, or. prevent themselves. You must turn off JavaScript in your browser application. However, we would point out, that some features of our websites are no longer usable for the elimination, p.e. interactive map displays. We can also offer economic reasons no alternative.
Data protection:

Google Adwords

We use the online advertising program Google AdWords incl. Conversion-Tracking, an analysis service provided by Google Inc. (Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, THAT 94043, USA).
With a click on an ad within the Google search results page Google puts a unique cookie for conversion tracking on your device from. These cookies do not contain personal and limited in time. You can view their content on your device itself.
The conversion cookie serve, that Google can create conversion statistics for us. This allows us to read the total number of users, who clicked on our ad and proceeded to a tagged with a conversion tracking tag page. Thus, Google can charge us advertising costs.
The cookies will not get any information about your personal identification.
You may object to this tracking automatically. For this you must disable cookies in general or specifically for this function.
Data protection:

Google Analytics

We rely on basis of our legitimate interests in the analysis, Optimization and cost-effective operation of our reserves within the meaning of Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f. GDPR a web analytics service Google Analytics Google LLC. Google uses cookies, transfer their information about your use of our website to a Google server in the US, be stored and processed on our behalf to our desired reports, we can look at. We can deduce conclusions about the general use of our site, in order to make improvements. Examples for this are: which pages are considered preferable? Is there an increase or decrease of visitors compared to the same period last year? Which countries do most visitors come?
The processed data are accumulated each to anonymous user profiles. From this we can receive no conclusions on the usage behavior of a single specific user, which could bring any meaningful insights for our evaluations.

Google has been certified under the Privacy Shield Agreement. Google provides by a guarantee, comply with the European data protection law.

We use Google Analytics, the activated IP anonymization. Here, the IP address of users of Google is reduced.

You may refuse the use of cookies in your browser itself. You can prevent the collection of data generated by the cookie and processed by Google, by downloading the following browser plugin and install:

General information about the privacy policy of Google with recruitment- and opposition opportunities, please visit this link:
The settings for the display of advertisements by Google, you can change here:

General Privacy Policy Google:
You have the option settings for data processing to change the Google Privacy Center.

Facebook-Pixel, Custom Audiences, Facebook-Plugins und Facebook-Conversion

Within our websites because of our legitimate interests are in analysis, Optimization and cost-effective operation and for these purposes the Facebook pixels of the social network Facebook (Facebook Inc., 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, THAT 94025, USA, or. Facebook Ireland Ltd., 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland for users within the EU) used.
Facebook is certified under the Privacy Shield agreements, thereby providing a guarantee, comply with the European data protection law (

Facebook is thereby able, classify our visitors according to certain criteria. advertisements (Facebook-Ads) thus can be filtered on target groups.
We therefore use the Facebook Pixel, our ads show only to Facebook users, committed to the issues of our online offer interest due to certain features (Age, Location, before even divulged interests) have visited our websites or ever.
This will give users, who have no interest in our products or services most likely, No annoying ads.
A further benefit of the Facebook-pixel is obtained for us for statistical analysis, to optimize our services.

The processing of the data by Facebook, made in the context of Facebook's data use policy:

For specific information about Facebook pixels and how it works:

You have the right, to contradict or limit of detection by the Facebook Pixel. You can determine platform-independent than Facebook users, what types will be displayed within Facebook advertisements you.
Please refer to the information on the settings usage-based advertising:

Facebook plugins are used on our websites. If you call provided with such a plug-in websites, is a connection to the Facebook servers established and the plugin represented by notifying your browser on the Internet. Facebook can thereby recognize, which website you have visited.
If you are already Facebook member, Facebook assigns this information to your personal account. This also applies to the use of plug-in functions by clicking the green “I like it”-Button or writing a comment.
You can prevent general, by always log after using Facebook, before other sites (therefore our) visit.
Alternatively, Facebook offers an add-on for your browser. This prevents the loading of Facebook.
You can download the plugin here:

If a user is not a member of Facebook, it is still possible, that Facebook's IP address in experience and stores. According to Facebook is stored in Germany only an anonymous IP address.

General Privacy Policy Facebook:

PayPal payment

As one of the offered common payment we offer our customers even PayPal (PayPal (Europe) S.à.r.l. & You. S.C.A., 22-24 Boulevard Royal, 2449 Luxembourg, Luxembourg) and others.
PayPal is an online payment service, the virtual private- or business accounts offered. Here also via credit card payments are possible, if the user does not maintain a PayPal account. Instead of an account number the PayPal account is an e-mail address.
About PayPal online payments can be made and payments received. PayPal also offers the function as Treuhänderer with buyer protection.

In the billing process, we offer a PayPal link within emails, containing bills and reservation confirmations. You decide at this point even, if you want to use the payment via PayPal or another Zahlunsgart. If you do not opt ​​for PayPal to, PayPal receives no data in this form of the booking process. The link itself is not personalized, but contains only the invoice amount and the information on our Paypal account address.

Unless we an online store on our website can integrate the payment PayPal Select directly to the shop and pay promptly. Here, data of the data subject to PayPal be automated transmitted. This is to name, Address , E-mail address, IP-Address, Phone and Data, necessary for payment processing.
By choosing this payment option, you consent to the data required for payment processing transfer of personal data.

The purpose of transmitting the payment and fraud prevention. PayPal transmits the data, if necessary. of their own accord to credit reporting agencies for identity- and credit check.
In addition, PayPal's personal data if necessary to affiliated companies, Service providers and subcontractors continue, if this is required to fulfill contractual obligations or the data to be processed in order.

You have the opportunity, to withdraw consent to the handling of personal data at any time by PayPal, if they are not necessarily processed for payment processing, must be used or disclosed. You can also use a different payment method with us (Transfer to invoice or direct debit) use and therefore refrain from PayPal.

Privacy Policy PayPal:

Chat-System comm100

We use our websites, the chat system by comm100 (Suite 238 – 1027 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC, V6E 4L2, Canada). Chats serve the purpose of communication between you and us simple for direct communication. be transmitted and stored in this case the IP address with geographic data, Browserversion, operating system, referring site, previous page with search terms and data for marketing- and optimization purposes.
From this data, user profiles can be created. There are cookies used, whose contents you can view itself. The cookies allow the recognition of the browser.
The data collected will not be used, identify the visitor personally.

The processing is done on the basis of Article. 6 (1) f) GDPR of the legitimate interest of direct customer communications and the personalized design of site. You have the right reasons, the result from your particular situation, at all times against this kind of. 6 (1) f DSGVO based processing concerning you personal data to contradict. You must disable the storage of the respective cookies in your browser. However, use of the chat is no longer possible after. You can alternatively us by e-mail, phone, contact by fax or mail.

Privacy Policy comm100:

Dropbox Business

We use the secured business version of Dropbox (Cloud) data distribution within our company, to be able to protect employee places at physically different places linked to the outside.
Quote from the privacy statements of Dropbox:
"Dropbox is committed, at any time to ensure the safety and protection of personal data of its users in accordance with legal requirements and best practices. As our Guide to Security, Compliance Notice described and through our current ISO / IEC 27018:2014 certified data protection measures detected, We already meet numerous requirements of the EU GDPR. To our responsibility to our users comply, we are already working fully in the development and implementation of our compliance measures for EU GDPR, order before it comes into force on 25. May 2018 to achieving full compliance. We also make some changes, so that our processes and procedures continue to meet or exceed the new requirements and continuously published by data protection authorities hints. "
Privacy Policy:


Our sites are hosted at various companies in Germany. Their services are computing capacity, memory, infrastructure, Platform Services, databases, Security services and maintenance. These services we need to operate our online offerings.
Here we process with the appropriate tools at the hosting provider Contact, stock lists, content, media, contracts, usage data, metadata, Communications with customers, Visitors and partners gem on the basis of our legitimate interests in a meaningful and safe delivery of our web site. Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f GDPR i.V.m. Art. 28 GDPR (Job processing contract).

We have job processing contracts with the following German web hosting:
Raidboxes, RAIDBOXES GmbH, Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 7, 48153 Münster
Data protection:

Webgo, webgo GmbH, Wandsbeker Zollstr. 95, 22041 Hamburg
Data protection:

Domain Offensive, Greenmark IT GmbH, Leinstr. 3, 31061 Alfeld
Data protection:


Online presence in social media

We maintain online presence within social networks and platforms, to as versatile as possible with our customers, Interested parties and users communicate and to inform them about our services. When you call the respective networks and platforms business conditions and the data processing guidelines apply their respective operators. These can be found right on the platform, where you find our online presence.

For the provision and content of contributions, Comments and statements relating to these online presences by our visitors are those responsible.
We process these user data by storing within these platforms.

Standard periods for the deletion of data

The legislature has enacted various retention periods and obligations. For example, companies need to invoices and statements, the personal data of customers include, for tax and accounting purposes 10 years (Germany, Stand 2018) store. Only after the end of these periods, the corresponding data is deleted.
to assert, Exercise and defense of legal claims we delete this necessary data after termination of the relevant statute barring- and grant deadlines.
No deletion of data is to exercise the right to freedom of expression and information, to fulfill a legal obligation and public duties, for reasons of public interest and for public research purposes, unless there are legal reasons against. Should be submitted to us legitimate reasons, we will remove the corresponding data to verify the legality of the extinguishing claim.
Unless this Statement no other, contains conflicting provisions regarding the storage of data, the data we collect from you is stored as long, as for the above purposes, for which they were collected, required are.

Other data applications and data deletion

Further processing or utilization of your personal data generally occur only, as far as a legal provision allows this or you have consented to the use of data.
In case of further processing for other purposes, than those, for which the data were originally collected, we inform you prior to further processing of these other purposes and give you the other relevant information.

Abuse detection and tracking

Information on the abuse detection and tracking, in particular your IP address, We hold a maximum of 7 days before. The legal basis is respect Art. 6 Abs. 1 lit. f GDPR. Our legitimate interest in the data retention of 7 Days lies in the fact, ensure the proper functioning of our web site and about the transactions and cyber attacks u.ä. to fend. Anonymous usage information we use if necessary for the customized design of our Web Site.

extinguishing concept

We will delete each at the end of the bills, Documents, E-mails and digital database data, which are for the most longest retention obligation no longer necessary - currently the data of the year before 10 years. Then you can not query more data from a previous period.
Exception of long-term contractual relationships (p.e. Abo-System, Partnerships) or authorized or required duration of storage, as far as the data for the continued existence of the relationship are necessary or desired by the user.
To delete data from the database, we use a tool in our content Magament System, which people claim related data can be removed on the basis of name or e-mail address within a few seconds.

permanent measures

Ventori Europe OÜ maintains a list of processing activities including. a description of the technical and organizational measures (TOMs).

Rights concerning the processing of personal data

Right of access

You have the right, we always have information about the products we, Personal data concerning the extent of the Art. 15 get GDPR. For this you can make a request by mail or by e-mail to the addresses indicated below.

Right to correct inaccurate data

You have the right, to demand immediate correction of personal data concerning from us, provided that they should be incorrect (Art. 16 GDPR). This can be noted the contact addresses below.

Right of erasure

You have a right to immediate deletion of personal data concerning the presence of legal grounds under Article. 17 GDPR. Such reasons are e.g.. then before, when a request is completed to us, there has been no reservation and the contact should not be resumed.
Even if you e.g your consent. for a newsletter subscription, have revoked or the first time to appeal against the processing and if there is a lack of otherwise legal basis for the processing.
Lawmakers are the retention requirements for tax or accounting purposes higher priority over data protection. Therefore, no deletion of data is possible, if state laws and regulations prevent this. An example of this the bills with your address and information about your order are.
For removal requests, please use the below contact information.

Right to restrict the processing

You have a right to limitation of processing basis as provided and in accordance with Article. 18 GDPR.
A limited processing can e.g.. desire, if the processing is carried out illegally. Even if you have the right to erasure, but limiting the use of personal data prefer.
If you think, Your inserted object to processing in accordance with Article. 21 Abs. 1 GDPR is justified, However, we believe, that our legitimate reasons outweigh your, it can come to the clarification of the case to limit the processing.
For applications for restricting use the contact details below.

Right to data portability

You have a right to data portability under Article. 20 GDPR. Upon request, you will receive the data we question you in a common, machine-readable format. You can pass another service provider for further use this data then. Prerequisite for this, that the processing based on a consent or on a contract, and is performed using automated procedures. The data transfer you can apply via the below contact details.

right to

You have the right, at any time to the processing of personal data concerning you, inter alia, the. according to Article. 6 Abs. 1 lit. e or f is carried GDPR, Opposition based on Article. 21 insert GDPR. We will stop the processing of your personal data then, unless this is contrary there are no compelling legitimate grounds for processing, your interests, restrict rights and freedoms, conflict with other legal provisions or the processing of the assertion, serving exercise or defense of legal claims. We will represent you in these cases, our view, against which you can appeal, of course,.
Contradiction particular, they can appeal the processing of your data for the Drektwerbung.
Contrary, please contact our below contact addresses.

Their right to withdraw, correction, deletion, data transfer, Limiting the processing and information you can assert with the following address:

Sepapaja yr 6, of Lasnamäe
Tallinn 15551
Tel.: +49 (0) 5322 8206140
Fax: +49 (0) 5322 90491509

So that can not spend another person for you, You need to verify, if you have an information, Request deletion or correction. For this you can provide us with ID cards, prove your identity (p.e. a signed copy of your identity card or passport). Other people can only get with us information about you, if you have authorized this person to (p.e. lawyers) and these people can also prove to us this permission.
For your own protection and the protection of your data, we can otherwise not perform enumerated in this Section shall.
For data abuse on the way to our contact addresses (p.e. by post) We are not responsible - particularly if you are a bad address, using fax number or e-mail.
To protect against abuse (p.e. if someone has stolen your identity and forged your signature) we keep your proof of identity in protected rooms, or. on protected reserves as long on, until the legal action period has elapsed. We then destroy your receipts.
From the time, to your application and your proof of identity available to us, We are within 72 respond hours.

Right to complain to a supervisory authority

If you believe, that the processing concerning you personal data is prohibited by us, you have the right, to complain to the supervisory authority, you can contact the following:

Berlin Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information
Friedrichstr. 219
10969 Berlin
Tel.: 030/13889-0
Fax: 030/21550-50

Data Protection Officer

Our company is due to its number of employees, its structure and the non-automated processing of your data not required, to appoint a data protection officer.
For questions regarding the processing of your personal data you can directly contact Dipl. Computer scientist Frank Schulze contact, who is also in the case of requests for information, available applications or complaints.

Should not be understandable enough for you details of this Privacy Policy, we can this course be happy to explain in more detail. We would like, that you feel safe and well cared for on our websites. Therefore, we are happy, to explain our work processes and the way your data transparently.

Sepapaja yr 6, of Lasnamäe
Tallinn 15551
Tel.: +49 (0) 5322 8206140

Stand: 18. May 2018

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