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Driving Tips

ATV driving tips

When driving with a quad or ATV is a danger of tilting. This is because, quads that have been developed as off-road vehicle. for the off-road, the driver requires a certain ground clearance, whereby the center of gravity on the vehicle ATV tour must be high. If the driver is wrong, sits too fast or too inclined on the slope, the quad can tilt.. In modern vehicles, the risk is minimized. There are even ATVs with roof or roll bar.

If you want to drive a quad, then you should not be compared to a car or motorcycle it. The driving characteristics are different. So practice your first extensively, so you do not build through miscalculation accidents. A helmet is therefore strongly recommended. In addition, protective clothing offer as for motorcyclists. Also, protective gloves and sturdy shoes should not be missed.

Practice in training especially the start, driving in curves and hills rides. Adjust your posture to the driving situation. Keep in mind, that the ATV weighs has ca. 150 – 200 kg. The driver can influence by its own weight to the center of gravity and thus the Fahrververhalten of quads.

An introduction you will receive ATV tours. But also more intensive training is offered in different construction stages, if you want to drive quad frequently and independently.


As I drive curves?

When quads should move in curves its body weight in the opposite direction of the centrifugal force. In the left-hand corners ATVs often tend to tip over to the right, Therefore, one should shift his body weight to the left. With this technique, the driver is like with his own body weight strength again. Thus, the curve can be driven faster and less dangerous. In right-hand curves, this is correspondingly vice versa.

When driving uphill, it is advantageous, to shift his body weight forward and down accordingly, as far as it goes backwards. Otherwise, the steering could be difficult, because you can not put right the handlebar.

On a mountain route safe drivers might be able to sit on the front or rear rack, to easily maneuver from there. For this you should have a lot of driving experience and the trust. Bumps in the mountains can often be overcome by putting down.

The conditions when driving change frequently, because there is uneven and street ways. Accordingly, quite different types of vehicles are used, p.e. for slightly faster street cruiser and for off-road drivers. So if you have an ordinary ATV, you should avoid the road and always try to stay on the Green. But then one should not forget to use a helmet for safety.

On uncertain ground as snow, Grass or sand is a Sliding a very interesting topic. So the tail is here brought to the slides and lateral breaking out with a sensitive throttle hand and standing. However, this exercise should be performed only by advanced riders. At a distance with snow most have already been tested by car, how it feels. This works best with a rear-drive vehicle, such as BMW, Mercedes and Opel older models. With quads so you can very well have a rigid axle. The ATVs this goes well. Only these are not quite as nimbly as with the rigid axle.

If the track is covered with stones and pebbles, this requires a lot of concentration, experience and a strong balance system. Then you should pay attention to mountainous passages particularly.

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