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Through our service telephone, by e-mail or our contact form, we always ask questions and wishes.. We want to publish the most common requests at this point.

Questions about the quad biking

I've never driven a quad. Is that difficult?

No, You will get the necessary feeling for the throttle, brakes and steering after a few minutes at the introduction, into the vehicle before the ATV tour.. The curves you should first do not take too narrow and too fast. The most problematic will probably be the soreness the next day, because the hand position on the handlebar is a bit unusual.

I come as a beginner the group behind?

The Quad guide always depends on the slowest driver. The tour is not a race. It should be fun and you will also be able to enjoy the scenery. In off-road course, take if necessary. for yourself and can therefore determine your own speed..

Can children quad biking?

In Germany quad riders need a driver's license in public places. The minimum age is 18 or 21 years. Only on some private defined off-road trails, p.e. in Bavaria, on the North Sea and in Austria children and young people can go quad. But as a passenger, they may also be a minimum size of 130 cm accompany their parents in very many ATV tours.

Find ATV tours take place only in summer?

Normally the season for quad biking is in the months from March to October. There are also special winter tours, because driving in the snow a fun time. In almost all the tours we have listed the season.

Why are not quad tours canceled in case of rain?

The tours take place in almost any weather. This is because, that there is no ideal quad weather. Some drivers prefer to enjoy the view and would like sunbeams. but a lot of ATV friends like it just especially like, when it rains, since the floor is nice mushy then. Is ATV biking thus more exciting. rain – and thermal clothing is. provided by the organizer.
In addition, it may be, that participants have booked long journeys and accommodation and therefore want to ride the Tour even in bad weather instead of once to arrive.
The organizer may cancel the tour yet, or, embarrassed, if e.g.. there is a risk for participants (p.e. when severe weather warnings) or in concert with all participants and the tour guide.

Can I book for specific dates?

Partly. If the description of the Tour 'tickets’ or 'date dial’ is listed, then you can book fixed spaces. the tickets (booking confirmation) You will receive an email for self-printing. These bring to tour with and submit them to there.
However, most vendors use a voucher system. This means, that the dates are only set, when there are enough participants. In order to get planning certainty, that the potential quad-drivers actually ride along, the dates are only given to voucher owners.
However, should you be set to a date, you can request availability in individual cases. We can not promise you that, you will receive the date, but we will try.

Can I pay tickets by bank transfer?

For organizational reasons dates can not be reserved. If you do not direct debit, To use PayPal or credit card, You can also transfer the amount. We then take the payment for you before. Should the courts be fully booked in the meantime, get your money back immediately.

How far in advance should I order a quad bike tour?

ATV tours are very popular and fully booked correspondingly fast. In some regions or seasons we recommend a lead time of about 2 months, especially in summer. In some cases, however, dates for the next two weeks are free. Overall, you should book as early as possible.

Find in times of pandemics (p.e. Corona) Quad tours instead?

Quad tours have to pause, if the legislature so requires.
Booked tickets remain valid. You can make a new appointment with the organizer. Shouldn't that be possible, please contact us.

Should I be worried, that ATV-Quad-Tour goes bankrupt due to a pandemic?

Through our small family team and a very careful one, With careful and, above all, far-sighted business planning, we were well prepared for the corona pandemic and weathered it well (without government aid and credit) and will survive further temporary failures over several months.
Our business model is designed for the long term. Constant liquidity – even in times of crisis – is one of our top priorities.
Repayments in the first wave of pandemics (if requested) were carried out quickly.
The trust of our customers is very important to us and the high level of customer satisfaction and the trust that customers place in us are evidence of this, that we are right.
So you don't have to worry. As a customer, you are the heart of our team.

Can I participate with my own quad in a tour?

This is only possible in some places. Make sure to visit our website “Drive their own quad”. At the other locations, it is not possible for insurance reasons.

Can I also rent quads without tour guide?

Currently we have only isolated locations, where you can rent Quads. Unless it is possible, For all information, see “ATV rent”.

Can I participate as an individual on a quad bike tour?

Yes, the number of participants always affects the entire group. You or the recipient can also register individually and then drive together with a group of unknown participants and the tour guide.

Can we remain among us and book your own tour?

If you have enough participants, the available seats to fill alone, is always possible. Otherwise, please ask for an individual tour. Here i.d.R fall. More costs.

Ride may passenger?

It depends on the Tour. In the description learn, whether passengers are possible.

How old the passenger must be?

That is different. In most cases, the minimum age is between 6 and 12 years. A driver's license for the passenger is not necessary. However, please note the total weight of the driver and passenger. It should not be optimally 130 kg are.

What license do I need to quad biking?

In most cases, a driver's license class B (formerly class 3) necessary, you also need to bring. Some closed off-road course driving is also permitted without license.

Why are the tour routes not listed?

In the descriptions we restrict ourselves. key data on. First, we want to give you some surprise so not reveal previously. And for another, tours can also differ. Depending on the speed of the group or the weather conditions a tour may also include additional elements or even have to account for some planned visit points. In addition, if necessary. also made to special requests from participants consideration. Therefore, a tour can be predicted exactly rare.

Who ensures the safety on the track?

The tour guides are trained responsible for security during the tour and in emergency measures. It is of course in principle – Besides these events – meaningful, if you stay on first aid to date.
Comprehensive information on first aid measures can be obtained from the advice portal “Behavior in an accident situation“.


Questions for ordering

Do I have to call a meeting with voucher orders?

No. The voucher is valid for 5 until the end of each year valid year. In time, the recipient reports to us and shares his preferred date.

How do I pay the vouchers or tickets?

If you order a voucher, get prepared this manually within 24 Hours by email or alternatively by post (plus Postlaufzeit). The statement is included. You can give away immediately the voucher therefore. However, he will only be activated with us, if the payment is received. You will receive a confirmation email.
You can pay by bank transfer, Debit or via a PayPal link (here over and Credit Card).
Want the recipient to redeem a coupon not yet paid, we will contact the customer. An appointment is only possible after receipt of payment.
For ticket inquiries until the desired date is confirmed in the form of an offer from us. Then, when you confirm your reservation request, You will receive an invoice. After payment you get a booking confirmation, which must be handed to the tour guide.

How can I keep my order secret?

You want to give a gift certificate, but or the recipient has access to your emails, Mailbox or phone? Call us this it is best to. Or fill out the relevant form without phone number, E-mail address or postal address. Enter in the comments section of your needs and how we can best contact (p.e. E-mail or postal address of the neighbor). We are very flexible and adapt to your wishes, provided that it is possible. It is only important: any contact possibilities we need, of course, already.
Later, at fixed bookings we need for legal reasons, your complete address (or. from participants).

Why sometimes I get to a foreign site, when I click on the order link?

In some locations, we do not take over the billing and appointment. In these cases, take either the organizers or event portals. Contact is in the case of the respective organizer, or. the agency.

Can I get vouchers from another event- and redeem voucher portals here?

We are not the organizer of the quad tours. Therefore, the respective vouchers can mostly only be redeemed on the portals, on which they have been acquired.
With us you can use the self-created vouchers from ATV-Quad-Tour, VENTORI and its portals such as and, as well as from our cooperation partner Fun4you, to exchange them for tickets.

Can I redeem vouchers directly at the organizer?

You can also make an appointment with the organizer yourself. However, you need a ticket from us to participate (booking confirmation). The voucher alone is not enough. Therefore, you need to let us know by appointment and before the tour, which date you have booked. Provided that the organizer confirms this to us and the voucher (still) is valid, you will receive the ticket from us by e-mail with the booking date printed on it.

Why can not I pay everything on site?

Before the briefing quad tours and some formalities take place. To take the time not unnecessarily protracted, the bill is paid in advance.

What is included in the price?

Usually the Quad rent, the tour guide and a briefing included. In most cases, is also the fuel, final cleaning of the quads and a lending helmet fulfilled by the payment. However, there are tours, in which the driver has to pay locally for these services. The prices are different.
The services are listed in the Tour microphysical description each.

What additional costs come up to me on site?

In most cases, all costs are included in the price. As noted in the descriptions, you must low in some agencies fees for Balaclava (duty while undergoing the helmet), the rental helmet, separate insurance benefits (usually optional), the board, petrol , apply for admission cleaning or.
In some places also a deposit must be paid. This will get you back to the tour, provided that the Quad has not come to self-inflicted damage.

Can I reduce the deductible in full insurance?

The insurance benefit is different for each tour. The local organizers have completed this on their own insurance contracts. In most cases, a comprehensive insurance is not possible or as expensive, that the tour would have been significantly higher.
Although they themselves can take out a ATV insurance with individual companies, but only for your own vehicle. Therefore, a reduction of excess (SB) usually . not possible.
So go with the quad always as if it were your own. Then accidents with high damage almost never before.

What happens with my data?

Your contact details are needed only for the booking process. The process can ù.ù. remain active even after the booked tour date (p.e. Tours linings or a request for a review).
We enter the relevant tour operators continue for bookings.
In addition, the legislature committed retain invoices for a period of time for tax reasons.
We do not provide contact information to third parties and will not make their own or other marketing campaigns without the consent. Please also see our Privacy Policy page.

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