Quad History

The first quad in Germany developed the company Faun 1962 for the Bundeswehr, then still under the name works trucks (KRAKA).

Honda made later in the USA All-terrain wheels (ATC, and Tri-Z) with three wheels on. They served in the deserts of California as a fun vehicle.

ATV tour Most of the weight rests on the rear axle, this machine. However, the more difficult the steering, which led to many accidents. The vehicles were therefore prohibited. Suzuki bypassed the problem by a fourth wheel. The first real Quad, the Suzuki LT 125, was born.

Over time, the structure of the vehicles was, p.e. suspension and engine, further improved. Used vehicles arrived at work on fields and farms, as a transport vehicle, and later as a sport- and fun activity. Meanwhile, will not only ATVing, but also sports quad championships.

ATV tours can be booked via the respective federal states overviews menu.

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