ATV tours in Hessen

ATV tours Upland from Willingen (Sauerland)

Type of tour: Onroad and Offroad
Dates: April - October
Ticketing : Tickets and vouchers
Hours: 1,5 - 2,5 Hours
Participants per group: to 9
Minimum age: 18 years (car driving license)
Price: 105 - 185 €
Shipping charges: free (by e-mail) or 2 € (by post )
Payment methods : bill, Direct debit, PayPal (Credit card)
Services incl.: ATV rent, Helmet for rent, petrol , Tourguide
Starting point: Willingen (Upland), 62 km south. Paderborn, 78 km west. Kassel, 96 km east. Iserlohn

Description :
Set in the beautiful Sauerland on the border between Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia following quad tours are available:
ca. 1,5-2hour introductory tour on roads through the Willinger Upland for 105,- €, the 2 hour special Spring Tour with light woods- and meadow paths for 115,- € and around 2,5stündige sporting quad tour to Diemelsee and back with nature trails in the forest and meadow for 125,- €.
For groups, combinations with Segway and ropes course are possible.

ATV Tour Taunus from Usingen near Frankfurt

Type of tour: Cruisertour, onroad
Dates: all year, Fridays, saturdays, sunday, on monday
Ticketing : ticket (Instant time dialing) or voucher
Hours: 3 hours or 1,5 Hours (Beginner's Tour)
Participants per group: 2 - 6 (in winter max. 3 number of ATVs)
Minimum age: 18 years (car driving license)
Price: 159 € or 89 € (Beginner's Tour)
Co-driver: 45 € or 35 € (Beginner's Tour), from 7 years, change possible with driving license
Participation with own quad: 45 €
Quad Rental: possible on weekdays (conditions and availability on request)
Maximum weight: 220 kg
Shipping charges: free of charge (by e-mail), 2,00 € (by post )
Payment methods : bill, Direct debit, PayPal
Services incl.: ATV rent, Tourguide, fuel, Helmet for rent, Storm cover, liability, comprehensive SB 3000,-
Starting point: Usingen in the Taunus, 34 km north. from Frankfurt / Main
Description :
The tours run through the Taunus.
Current Information:
At the moment, no tours are conducted in the Taunus.

ATV tours in the Odenwald

Type of tour: Onroad
Dates: April - October, daily
Ticketing : Voucher or appointment tickets
Hours: ca. 2,5 - 6,5 Hours (depending on the tour)
Participants per group: 4 - 12
Minimum age: 18 years (car driving license), or. 17 years with accompanying driving
Total weight (Driver and front passenger): 175 kg
Price: 90 - 170 € (depending on the tour)
Co-driver: 30 - 60 € (depending on the tour, no driver change possible)
Shipping charges: free (by e-mail) or 2,50 € (by post )
Payment methods : bill, Direct debit, PayPal
Services incl.: Tourguide, fuel, ATV for rent, liability insurance, Coffee and beer after the tour
Optional costs on site: Helmet rent, Storm cover: each 5,- €, lunch
Starting point: Brombachtal, 33 km south-east. Darmstadt

Description :
Beginner's Tour:
The tour leads from Brombachtal to Affhöllerbach and via Fränkisch-Crumbach to Rodenstein Castle. After a short break, the path leads us via Nonrod and Brensbach to Böllstein, to fill up in Langenbrombach and back.
Duration: ca. 2,5 Hours
Price per person: 90,- € (Co-driver 30,- €)
ATV tour Odenwald-Ostertal-Erlenbach:
Route: Spreng, Ober-Mossau, Ostertal, Wald Michelbach, Kreidacher Höhe, Stallenkandel with lunch in the "Bergblick", Rimbach, Kolmbach, Winterkasten, Hutzwiese, Langenbrombach on mountain roads and sleepy streets.
Duration of onroad tour: ca. 4,5 hours and cafe after the tour
Price per person: 130,- € (Co-driver 45,- €) excl. lunch
Large Odenwald-Bavaria-Tour:
Route: Odenwald, Bad König, Vielbrunn, Ohrenbachtal, Bavaria , Amorbach, Kailbach, Eberbach (Old Town tour), Sensbachtal, Hüttenthal, Mossautal, Langenbrombach. A road trip through forests and valleys 4 breaks.
Duration: ca. 6,5 Hours.
Price per person: 170,- € (Co-driver 60,- €) excl. Food
Dates: every week, availability on request

ATV tours from Limbach through the Odenwald

Type of tour: On- and off-road
Dates: all year
Ticketing : Voucher, Tickets
Hours: ca. 1 - 5 hours incl. Instruction and breaks
Participants per group: 3 - 15
Minimum age: 18 years (car driving license)
Price: 59 - 199 € (depending on the tour)
Co-driver: 19 - 49 € (depending on the tour)
Shipping charges: free (by e-mail) or 2,50 € (by post )
Payment methods : transfer, Direct debit, PayPal (here over and credit card)
Services incl.: Tourguide, admission, ATV for rent, petrol , Helmet rental, liability insurance, soft drink
Extra costs on the spot: 2€ balaclava
Starting point: Limbach, 43 km north. Heilbronn, 17 km north. Mosbach, 45 km south-east. Michelstadt

Description :
The ATV tours take in the border region of Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and Bavaria held. The most popular tour guides the Odenwald to the castle Waldleiningen, by Sensbachtal, Höllgrund, Katzenbuckel and back to the starting point.
Beginner's Tour, 1 h, 59,- € (Co-driver 19,- €)
Odenwaldtour, ca. 3 h, 89,- € (Passenger 34, - €)
Mill Tour, ca. 2 h, 74,- € (Co-driver 29,-)
Nibelungen Tour, ca. 5 h, 149,-€ (co-driver 49, - €)
On- and off-road tour, ca. 4 h, 199,-€ (no passenger)

Quad Offroad course in Kassel

Type of tour: Offroad-Parcours
Dates: March-November
Ticketing : coupons and tickets
Hours: depending on the tour
Participants per group: 6 - 10
Minimum age: 18 years (car driving license)
Price: 85 to 155 € (depending on the length)
Shipping charges: free (by e-mail) or 2 € (by post )
Payment methods : bill, Direct debit, PayPal
Services incl.: ATV rent, Tourguide, petrol , Helmet rental, comprehensive insurance SB 1000,-
Deposit: before the start time 100 € will be deposited per participant
Starting point: Großalmerode, 24 km east. Kassel

Description :
Here you go on an offroad ATV parcous on hills, Furten, dig trenches, rockers and cross country courses, depending on the driving skill. Before there is a security exercise. You can store up 2 or 3 Book hour lunch break.

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