Young people

ATV tours for children and youth

For legal and insurance reasons have participants usually in ATV toures. the 18. years have achieved and have a driver's license.

However, there are some private properties with off-road courses at home- and abroad. Here children and young people can drive quads.

ATV tour
ATV Wischuer course

ATV-fun for kids and adults on the motocross terrain

Ca. 15 Min. Round trip on a motocross track in Offroadpark with curves and small jump hills. In bad weather, the hall course can be used. Participants drive electric vehicles (e-Quad).

Price per person: 20,- € (for children / adults 12 years), 25,- € (for adults)

Offroad Park Viehhofen near Zell am See

Type of tour: Offroad
Dates: FR and SA, April - September
Ticketing : ticket (Instant time dialing) or voucher
Hours: 30, 60 or 120 Min.
Participants per group: 4 - 10 (on the course to 20)
Minimum age: 14 years
Price: 45 to 130 € (depending on the length)
Maximum weight: 130 kg
Shipping charges: free of charge (by e-mail), 2,50 € (by post )
Payment methods : bill, Direct debit, PayPal
Services incl.: ATV rent, Tourguide, admission, Helmet for rent, comprehensive SB 2000,-
Extra costs on the spot: Balaclava for 2,50 €, if necessary rain gear 5,- €
Starting point: Viehhofen, 10 north. Zell am See

Description :
In Salzburg county is one himself 60000 m² off-road course with hills, Curving, inclines and declines, which is prepared by the Paris-Dakar participant Adolf Dierl and out.
With the 500 cc four-wheel drive automatic ATVs you cope with gradients and lateral gradients. Despite the challenging track, the tour is suitable for beginners, especially recommended in the snow.
The course can be driven with its own ATV (25,- €).
The choices:
Offroad Tour 30 min, 45,- € per person
Offroad Tour 60 min, 75,- € per person
Offroad Tour 120 min, 130,- € per person

Dates with free seats:
There will be Friday and Saturday (Sundays on request) tours between 10 and 18 pm. The site is from October 2020 until probably June 2021 closed.

Parent-child Tour

The fascinating father-child- or mother-child experience: Your daughter or son is secure between you and a stable pannier. Your personal tour guide will accompany, but you determine speed and the number of breaks. With adjusted speed you experience them the sights around us beautiful views. The duration can also be set by you, it means. You can extend after the first hour spontaneously.
Should you 2 have children, can ride a tour guide even when.
Minimum age of children: from ca. 6-7 years, depending on body size
Duration: from 1 hour
Price per person: 49,- € for the first hour, after that 20,- € per hour (on site)

Child ATV

Kinder im Alter von 4 to 10 years go on special environmentally friendly electric-kids quads. The 15-minute safety briefing takes place first on a course marked out. Here the children learn the feel of the vehicle, to take the curves safe and brake. Then it goes along the paths of Landal Green Park Sonnenberg and the nearby forest roads into the area.
Age: 4-10, Maximum Height: 1,50 m, Adult supervision required (Liability waiver must be signed on the spot), Children helmets can be rented on site.
Tipp: Landal Green Park are subsequently also other activities such as climbing wall, Minigolf, Swimming possible - Restaurant is available.
Duration: ca. 1 hour (ca. 45 Min. driving time, ca. 15 Min. admission)
Price: 89 €


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