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ATV tours in combination

To experience a particularly exciting day, the ATV tour can be combined with other events. We list here are some ways to. Follow the links and the tours can be booked.

Quad On-Offroad und Raftingtour Altusried

Quad off-road and rafting

The Quad tour takes about roads to the Oberallgäu for off-road terrain in Oberstdorf and back. In between, a stop will be made (BBQ for 27,- is optional possible).
On the adventurous rafting experience rapids, wild water and rocks up close. To participate you must be able to swim.
The event will be carried out from May to September.
guided On- and off-road quad bike tour and rafting trip, ca. 7 Total Hours 189,- € (109,- € per passenger)
Meeting point: At the Marie Bridge 2 in 87544 Bihlerdorf
Overnight optionally available for additional charge.
1 - 12 driver (possibly. divided in 2 groups).

Quad Off-Onroad Tour und Canyoning Altusried

Quad Off-Onroad und Canyoning

The quad tour initially runs on quiet roads through the Oberallgäu. On the off-road terrain in Oberstdorf the quads can then extensively deal with hills and inclines. and back. A pause is also planned (BBQ for 27,- is optional).
Canyoning consists of rappelling down mountainsides, Water slides and jumps into the waves of the waters.
The event will be carried out from May to September.
guided On- and off-road quad bike tour and rafting trip, ca. 6-7 Total Hours 189,- € (119,- € per passenger)
1 - 10 driver (possibly. divided in 2 groups).

Combined Events Grevesmühlen on the Baltic Sea

Swingolf: a simple easy to learn version of golf with short runways, unit thugs, larger balls and holes
Geocaching: with the quad on GPS treasure hunt

Quad and Swingolf ca. 2,5 Hours 199,- €
Quad and Geocaching 199,- €

Day tour to the bear forest

The day tour adds a visit to the bear forest to the quad tour. It is an aid project for bears. Entry is included. A lunch break in a restaurant is at your own expense.

Quad day tour 169,- € incl. Entry into the bear forest
Co-driver: 45 €

ATV tour
Quad shooting and Prague

Quad and shooting

1 Hour quad and 1 Hours AK47 Shooting
179,- €

ATV ride and paddling on the river Elbe

ATV ride and paddling on the river Elbe from Bornum

On-road quad bike tour of Bornum to Coswig, Switching to a boat for a paddle on the same downstream direction Roßlau, Transfer back to the starting point
Participants: 4 - 8 people, 79,- € per person

Quadtour Pirna
Quad and Powerboat from Pirna

ATV and Powerboat

1,5 Hours by Quad from Pirna to Konigstein, Switching on Powerboat, 1 hour drive to Schmilka and back, 30 min Quadtour back to Pirna. Grilling is possible in the financial statements upon request (Grill package 19,50 € p.P. can be booked).
Registration opens for this combination tour 5 people needed.
with 2h Quad: 105 €
with 3h Quad: 135 €
Co-driver: 60,- €

Quad Tour Prague
Quad and tanks in Prague area

quad biking and tanks

1 Hour quad and 1 Hour Tank taxi ride
179,- €

Combinations and other events

Heavy Duty - excavator, ATV, Dynamite Twin
Combination of 24t Excavator, 20t wheel loaders, Quad Offroad Parcours and Dynamite Twin (welded together with car 2 fronts - Driver sitting back to back) each 20 Min.
In the break there is a lunch of chili or stew plus drink

15 Min. 8t Excavator, 30 Min. 24t Excavator incl. drink

wheel loaders
Excavators, Blades and control independently: 20 Min. 20t wheel loaders

The Humvee is an ideal terrain vehicle, 30 Min. (Longer travel times are possible).

Team from 8 people on a Woodland Square with Castle, trenches, barrels, meadow etc., 500 Paintballs (possible to buy locally).

Drift Car
With the Dynamite Drift Car rear-wheel drive can be on sand, Mud or snow drift on a special course whim one hour sideways, incl. drink, Gasoline and cleaning (plus. Rental helmet on site 5,- €).
The event is also suitable for corporate / group inquiries.

Drift Car - pursuit
Qualifying, Finals and award ceremony - right race with the Dynammite Drift Cars, incl. Food, Total time: ca. 4-5 Hours. Rental Helmet mandatory: 5,- € spot.
The event is especially suitable for company / group inquiries (from 10 people).

Pajero and S-truck
The two traveling show are well suited for off-road course with sand, mud, Water, debris, etc., 60 Min. (each 30 Min.), possible also individually or with other times and combined with lobster.

Rally Taxi Volvo and Peugeot
Ride in the original rally car with a known race driver at the wheel. It is the original track down a special audit.
There is only one individual event, depending on the availability of the rally driver in his respective vehicle.

The quick and powerful tractor (to 70 km/h) can best master the off-road course.

Stag / Bachelor party
The special playground event for the groom: 24t excavator, Dynamite Twin (Groom and best man), Paintball for all, Tour bus as a base camp, then Campfire BBQ on the mountain, 3-4 h. from 8 people

Dynamite Polterer XL (Bachelor Party XL)
just like before, but incl. Hummer-Offroad-Parcours (for groom and best man) and common destroying a car with a sledgehammer plus surprise.

Family Special
Combination of 30 Min. 24t excavator, 20 Min. Dynamite Twin (E-Quads für Kids) and 50 Shot paintball for 2 adults and 1 child,incl. drink

Family Special XL
as Family Special, but with additional 20 Min. Hummer, incl. drink

Action and Romance
The romantic action combination: Offroadparcours, 3,5 hour quad tour of the Waldviertel, Canoeing on the Thaya and Wellness Hotel, 2 days for 2 people

Action and Game
For companies and groups 10 people we offer various games: Driftparcours, Excavator penalties, Water games with quad and paintball marker, Excavators skill, incl. mountain- ride and S Truck Basketball

Action and Brain
wie Action and Game, but also with a quiz, Quad Bowling, Awards ceremony and BBQ, ca. 4 h. or 1 day

Beauty and the Beast
Wellness for them, Vehicles and machines for him, Canoe and candlelit dinner for two including. bed and breakfast

Dynamite Tourbus
The 20m long tour bus with tables, Sit, Sound system, TV, Pole dancing bar, Comfort Zone Bar and equipped. 30 can accommodate guests. The bus is suitable as a cool setting for a stag or company tour

We will send you an offer for the combination- and special offers.

ATV ride and Paintball
Quad und Paintball ab Hagen

Quad and Paintball

ca. 3 hours ATV, 3 h. Paintball
129,- € (Petrol incl.)

ATV tour
Quad and paddle boat and powerboat from Pirna

Quad and paddle boat Powerboat

Combination with a Quadtour (2 or 3 h) Pirna to Königstein, Power boat and return in canoe (ca. 2,5 h) to Pirna.
Grilling is possible in the financial statements upon request (Grill package 19,50 € p.P. can be booked.)
Registration opens for this combined tour 5 people needed.

ca. 5,5 h 125 € per driver, 80 € per passenger
ca. 6,5 h 155 € per driver, 80 € per passenger

Quad and Paintball in Prague area

Quad and Paintball

1 Hour quad and 1 hour Paintball
179,- €

Quad and climbing forest from Hagen

Quad and climbing forest

ca. 4 Hours
129,- € (Petrol incl.)

Quadtour Weisswasser
Boat Quad combo tour Oberlausitz

Boat Quad combo tour Oberlausitz

A wonderful combination: Action and relaxation, road and water.
With the quads, we first go on moderately easy paved and unpaved paths with sandy mogul slopes to the boat harbor. This is where the fun and relaxing paddle ride starts. Lunch will be taken upon arrival. during the breaks, information about the area are also here conveys.
Period: May to September
group size: 6 - 15
Duration: ca. 5,5 h. incl. admission
Price per person: 279,90 € (Co-driver 99,90 €)

Quadtour Weisswasser
Lausitz Excursion Tour Weisswasser

Lausitz excursion tour through Lusatia

After a briefing, we start with the moderately difficult quad tour- and off-road through green forests and on an action-packed off-road terrain. During the breaks, the guide tells a few details about quads and the region.
Duration: ca. 4 h. incl. admission
Price per person: 199,90 €
Co-driver: 64,90 €

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