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Quad tours in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania

Quad Trail in Wischuer

Type of tour: Offroad-Parcours (for children too)
Dates: March - October
Ticketing : Voucher, Tickets
Hours: from 15 Min
Participants per group: 6
Minimum age: 12 years
Price: 20 - 25 € per unit
Co-driver: not possible
Shipping charges: free (by e-mail) or 2,50 € (by post )
Payment methods : bill, Direct debit, PayPal / credit card
Services incl.: ATV rent, Tourguide, Technology- and safety briefing, fuel, Helmet rent
Starting point: Wischuer near Bastorf, 35 km west. Rostock, 32 km north east. Wismar

Description :
On the large private property also teenagers and adults from 12 romp without a license on the Offroadpark course. Curves and demanding routes are available on here 20 km².

ATV Tour Lübz
ATV tours in the region Schwerin – Güstrow – Wittstock/Dosse

ATV tours in the region Schwerin - Güstrow - Wittstock/Dosse

Type of tour: 90 % offroad rustic
Dates: all year, daily
Ticketing : Voucher, Tickets
Hours: 4 hours or by appointment
Participants per group: 4 - 50
Minimum age: 18 years
Price: 99 €
Co-driver: 29 €, not possible with its own quad
Shipping charges: free (by e-mail) or 2,50 € per Post
Payment methods : transfer, Direct debit, PayPal
Services incl.: ATV for rent, fuel, Tourguide, Comprehensive insurance with € 400 SB
Extra costs on the spot: Helmet for rent 5,- €
Deposit: 400,- € for the group
Maximum weight: 100 kg
Vehicle model: SMC 250
Starting point: Lübz, 14 km east. Parchim, 52 km south-east. Schwerin, 44 Km south-west. Güstrow, 66 km north-west. Wittstock/Dosse

Description :
ATV Tour by Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 99,- €:
The ideal tour for beginners and advanced, want to experience the rugged nature of the area around the Lake Plau the remote roads. On this route you want to not even walk. Since your clothes will not stay clean on the rustic Tour, we recommend extra clothes. A changing room is available for this purpose. Before the tour, of course, a briefing will be held, to learn about the vehicle.
Exclusive tours for 1-3 persons are also possible.. For this however 80,- € additional..
Possible combinations: ATV tours can be combined with other events on request on. Possible are cycling, draisine, hikes, Fun sports like Zorb and Blob, SUVs, Buggy, Enduro and canoe. In addition, we can offer also marquees, accommodations (and tents, hut) and picnic. We will gladly prepare an individual offer (this other places on request possible - surcharge for the ATV delivery).

ATV Tour Parchim (Plauer Lake)

Type of tour: 90% Nature trails and 10% byways
Dates: all year
Ticketing : Voucher, Tickets
Hours: 2 - 8 Hours (depending on the tour)
Participants per group: 3 - 6
Minimum age: 18 years (car driving license)
Price: 99 - 119 € (depending on the tour)
Co-driver: 39 €
Extra costs on the spot: petrol 15,- €, Rental helmet, 3,- €
possibly. Extra cost: For exclusive groups of 5 quads charge for the group: 100,- for another tour guide, in an exclusive ride for 1 person with the tour guide alone: from 169,-, for 2 people: from 149,- p.P.
Shipping charges: free (by e-mail) or 2 € (by post )
Payment methods : bill, Direct debit, PayPal, credit card
Services incl.: ATV rent, Tourguide, partial coverage insurance with SB
Starting point: Klein Pankow, 16 km, south east. Parchim, 57 south east. Schwerin (easily accessible from Hamburg and Berlin)

Description :
In the middle of Mecklenburg is still a real ATV-paradise. The tour with Kawasaki- or Kymco-Quads through Mecklenburg is suitable for beginners and advanced.
You will get a short briefing and then drive on unpaved country roads, side roads and former tank trails through forests, heath and fields for Treptowsee. On the route are sleepy villages and countryside, where you can also see wild animals.

The following tours are available:
- Beginner's Tour, 2h, 99,-€
- Winter tour, 2h, 99,-€
- ATV tour Plauer Lake, 3-4, 129,-€

ATV Safari aardvark in Neuruppin

Type of tour: 95-98% on nature trails
Dates: February to December
Ticketing : Coupon tickets or direct appointment booking
Hours: from 2 Hours
Participants per group: 2 - 4
Minimum age: 18 years (car driving license)
Price: 124 - 190,- € depending on the tour
Co-driver: 29 - 59,- €
Extra costs on the spot: petrol 15,- €, Rental helmet, 3,- €
Shipping charges: free (by e-mail) or 2,50 € (by post )
Payment methods : Direct debit, bill, PayPal
Services incl.: ATV rent, Tourguides, final cleaning
Starting point: Großwoltersdorf near Rheinsberg, 27 km north. Neuruppin

Description :
On this tour from Rheinberg drive almost exclusively on natural trails through forest, past meadows and along original dirt roads and ancient alleys and clear forest lakes.
Polyglott has chosen this excellent nature experience.
On the cozy trip from Rheinberg drive through picturesque places like Körpernitz, the Zechlinerhütte or Zippelsförde with its nature saving station between Gudelack- and Zermützelsee or arrive at the government guest house, past the baroque castle Meseberg.
Once an hour, a short break is inserted, either on the edge with a great view or on a clear lake. Go to 150cc ATVs with 160kg and 9PS. The units are extremely easy to handle and good handling.

The complete tour offer:

Mini piglets safari and winter tour
The experience tours to get to know the surroundings of meadows and forest trails - also in the winter
ca. 2 Hours, 124,- € per person

The nature experience - almost completely offroad - incl. Snacks on the lake and forest edge through the Natural Park Stechlin-Ruppin country
ca. 3,5 Hours, 154,- € per person

the grand tour with lots of variety
ca. 4,5 Hours, 190,- € per person

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