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Power voucher

Voucher for quad, Segway and buggy tours

Mit einem Power-Gutschein bleibt der Beschenkte flexibel und kann seinen Wünschen entsprechend das für ihn passende Erlebnis Quad, Segway oder Buggy auswählen.

With more than 500 With exciting tours to choose from, the recipient remains completely independent in their decision on the tour, Date and organizer. As far as the recipient wants to book a higher quality experience, possible price differences are compensated by a corresponding additional payment when redeemed.

Determine the value of the voucher yourself to suit each tour, ob 40 €, 99 €, 100 €, 129 € or another amount.

Tipp: Choose an amount with a 9 at the end, to match the most popular tour prices. Freedom and fun guaranteed – the perfect gift for adventurers!

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The voucher is valid for 5 years. You have a 2-week return policy (a simple notification by email, Phone, fax or mail is sufficient).

Shipping is free of charge by e-mail for self-printing or for 2,50 € shipping costs by post on somewhat stronger paper. For further 4,- € the voucher can also be ordered in an extra envelope. A picture of the envelope can be seen on the right.

You pay by bank transfer, Debit or PayPal. The bank details and order number available after submitting the form via e-mail. You will usually receive the voucher during the day. within 2 Hours, otherwise in the morning until 8 hours CET. However, it is only valid after receipt of payment.

Information :


Mail: Phone: 05322 – 9049150 telephone availability: daily in the period from 10.00 – 17.00 clock or mailbox (we will call you back)

Before you call or email:

  • Please use our forms for normal orders and appointment requests as a matter of priority, so that we have more time for advice on the phone
  • If you have any questions on the mailbox, please also provide us with your e-mail address if possible.

Ordering instructions

Ordering vouchers

for gift vouchers with 5 years validity

Shipping :
Der Versand der Gutscheine per E-Mail erfolgt zeitnah nach Bestellung (during the day usually. within an hour, bei Bestellungen nach 17 am. the following day at 6-8 hours CET).
For shipping by post you should 1-3 Calculate days.
You will receive vouchers by email (no additional), by mail in standard packaging (+ 2,50 €) or in a gift envelope (+ 4,00 €).
No date must be specified. When making an appointment later, additional participants can be booked.

Ihre selbst gewählten Beträge gelten pro Person in Euro inkl. VAT. or as the total amount for the voucher, falls dieser von einer Gruppe eingelöst werden soll.
You can decide for yourself, ob Sie einen Gutschein für mehrere Personen oder Einzelgutscheine bestellen möchten.
Please do not use special characters in the text of your choice (no quotes either) and emojis. Unfortunately, these cannot be created on the PDF voucher at the moment.
Sonderwünsche und Fragen können Sie in das Anmerkungsfeld schreiben.
Please enter your ordering address as the address. Der Name des Beschenkten ist optional – the field can also remain empty.
If the value of the tour selected later is higher, erhält der Beschenkte eine Rechnung über den Differenzbetrag. Bei Terminvereinbarung können weitere Teilnehmer hinzugebucht werden.

Order without risk. You have the right at vouchers, to withdraw from this contract within fourteen days without giving reasons. Die Widerrufsfrist beträgt vierzehn Tage ab dem Lieferdatum. Full information on the right of withdrawal can be found here and enclosed when your voucher is sent. You can this form use for the revocation.

You will receive an invoice with detailed information from us by email, Account number and PayPal link. Mit der Zahlung wird der Gutschein aktiviert.

Data protection :
For your request, or. Buchung sind Verarbeitungen Ihrer Daten notwendig. In our Data protection inform you of the type, Manner and scope. If you have questions about, contact us in advance by phone or e-mail.

Coupon redemption:
Vouchers can be obtained via the request- and order forms can be redeemed on the subpages of the respective locations.

Inquiry- and order form for vouchers, Tickets and voucher redemptions:


freely selectable (in €)

for multiple vouchers, please separate names with commas

If you want, we print a short text on the voucher. Maximal 5 Lines. Please no special characters and no emojis.


The shipping charges by post 2,50 € (Standardpapier, any voucher number). E-mail and delivery to the post made within 24 Hours. For the further time required by post the German post office is responsible.

The account data, or. PayPal link you get in our reply.

You have a 2-week return policy