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Private Tour

Individual groups tour for corporate and private

Individually guided tour is advisable, if

  • want to ride more participants are as quads at each location available, usually . more than 10 people.
  • no other (strange) people should top up your group (Exclusive Tour), p.e. for a bachelor party
  • do not comply with the fixed tour routes to your wishes (Length, Routing etc.)
  • the tour at a hotel, Restaurant, company building, private house etc. should begin and end
  • You have special needs (Restaurant visit, grilling, other additional events or games etc.)
  • You want to go on weekdays and / or to determine the date itself

If some of these are reasons, you can book your own personal tour including. Tour Guide.
We offer this 2 opportunities, you can use throughout Germany and neighboring countries.

Variant 1: Start at one of our fixed locations

At around 100 locations in German-speaking countries there are quad stations.
The number of available vehicles is different. There are mostly 5 – 8 Quads available, in some cases Quadtour Soltau also up to ca. 20.

Participants should be ready, come along as a passenger (possibly. with possibility to change), we can for i.d.R. for groups of 10 to 16 offer personal tours to the standard price in these locations. Possibly. we can deliver also working with complimentary ATVs (extra charge).

Then you would have to drive to the starting point itself with your group. Possibly. we can also take a shuttle service, an organize lodging and food on site.

Individual tours, Combinations and additional requests (p.e. BBQ) are possible in this variant surcharge.


Variant 2: ATV Tour in a location of your choice with delivery

When there is no ATV station near your convention center hotels, we can also deliver quads.
Our tour guides Quadtour Delmenhorst will explore, in consultation with you the area a few days before the event and a suitable tour draw. The regulatory approvals are also organized. On the day of the tour truck appear with the delivery of quads and the corresponding number of tour guides.
We recommend a ATV event a maximum number of participants 20 (or. 40 with passengers). With a higher number of participants, we propose additional events such Seggytour, archery, Buggy, canoe, team Games, BBQ etc. with change possibility. We are happy to help.

The price of the event is calculated individually. It is mainly dependent on the distance of the desired starting location to the location of quads. The rental period is one day more (8 Hours). You should expected here with min. 300,- € per vehicle. We will send you an offer according to your wishes, or. after consultation.


We are often asked, why a ATV tour with several participants is more expensive than the individual bookings for the fixed routes, which usually take place on the weekend. It should be discount for larger numbers but actually. During such events, however, higher costs arise with many participants by additional tour guides, special permits (for specific routes, fences etc.) and the additional delivery of quads, if adequate measures are watercraft on site.
You should consider when booking inquiries, if the tour can not be split, p.e. 10 persons drive ATV, the other 10 take part in time team games such as archery or use other driving devices such as e.g.. Segway or Hummer. The double use of quads with a passenger reduced the price.

Group request

Please fill out the form as completely as possible. Enter in the comment field. also, if you want additional events, passenger an option would, whether you have a shuttle service, nights, BBQ etc. need and if possible your budget. Our service team will get back to you, you competent advice and then send you a quote.

Your data is used only for your inquiry. You can opt in peace after the offering, whether to accept it. You advance at no cost and no obligation.

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