ATV and canoes rafting in Oberstdorf Area

ATV and canoes rafting in Oberstdorf Area

Type of tour: Canadian rafting and ATV tour
Dates: May to September
Ticketing : Voucher
Hours: a day
Minimum age: 18 years (car driving license)
Price: 179 €
Shipping charges: free (by e-mail) or 2 € (by post )
Payment methods : bill, Direct debit, Credit card, PayPal
Services incl.: ATV rent, Tourguide, guided canoe rafting trip, all equipment, food
Starting point: Sonthofen, 15 km north. Oberstdorf

Description :
What an action-packed day: with a hose Canadians in 2-occupation you maneuver in the Allgäu whitewater rivers. A Saftyboater the one-man kayak accompanied the group and brings the Botte emergency back on track. Previously, there is of course a briefing. This also applies to the second part of the combination: the ATV tour on side- and country roads through the beautiful Allgäu.

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