ATV tours and Parcous-Routes in Grossalmerode

Start: Großalmerode, 24 km east. Kassel

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Quadtour Kassel
Quad Offroad Parcours Großalmerode

Quad Offroad training on the course

ca. 2 or 3 Stunden Quad Offroad
After an introduction and practice rounds experience the off-road area with drift points, mud holes, on steep- and descents and dirty roads. A quad-Scout is helpful available, both for training and during the rounds in the terrain.
79,00 € for 2 Hours
109,00 € for 3 Hours

ATV tour
Quad Kart and Buggy Off Road Experience

ATV, Kart and Buggy Off Road Experience

ca. 4 Hours
Participants: to 10 people
The perfect mix for an exciting day: with 3 vehicles (ATV, Kart and Buggy) on the adventurous terrain.
Price: 149,00 €

Individual Combined Events

Individual Combined Events

For groups we can offer a private safari with extensive program.
would be possible: Grill Buffet, games (p.e. a hut Olympics), brewery, Buffets oder Spanferkel im Partyzelt.
Zusätzliche Events: excavator, Traktor, Gabelstapler und Planierraupen, SUVs, tank, Kart, Segway, Mountainbike, canoe, sailing, archery, shoot, climbing wall, hike, Bull riding, Survival-Training, Kicker, Goal Wall, wood saws, Bet nailing, Stein Slide, bouncy castle, raft building, cows, Western games, Medieval feasts, knight Games, Teamtraining, mobile playground.
For accommodation we can from campground on Matrazenlager to Schlosshotel offer everything.
The events can be on different terrains with 3 ha, 7 ha oder 25 ha held. But also hotels, castles, and forest restaurants are available. Or send us a place itself and we deliver everything.
Just tell us your ideas. We can advise you and make you an offer - for larger groups.

We create an individual offer for corporate events, club trips, Stag parties, etc., p.e. in combination with barbecues or other events.

Information about all tours at this location

Minimum age: 18 years with driving license class B / 3 (Motor vehicle, car)
Participants have to sign before the tour starts disclaimer

Recommended : solid shoes, normal waterproof clothing, protective gloves, clothing to change
What to bring: driver's license, identity card, Confirmation / voucher

Services: ATV rent, Tour-Guide, petrol , Helmet for rent, final cleaning, liability insurance, comprehensive SB 1000,-, in the off-road course, the runway fee
Deposit: before the start time 100 € will be deposited per participant
Tour size: ca. 6-10 driver, Passengers are not possible, However, spectators are welcome on the premises

The Quad- Experience can be moved, if the security due to black ice, fog, storm or thunderstorm can not be guaranteed. For “normal” rain the experience tour. is running. For safety reasons, you can not bring your own quads, but only the Mietquads can use.

Offer to shift:
Normally appointment bookings are binding. With the “Appointment protect Offer” do you have the possibility, the date up to 2 To move times (p.e. in bad weather, illness, spontaneous professional or private events). You can use this offer 20,- € hinzubuchen per person. Let us know in the comment box, if you want this option.

Season: March-November

Order of vouchers or gift cards

for gift vouchers with 3 years validity,  Tickets for appointments or other inquiries

Gift certificates:
Shipping : either via e-mail (no additional), by mail in standard packaging (+ 2,50 €) or by mail with stronger paper and envelope (+ 4,00 € + 1,00 € for each additional voucher).
No date must be specified. During the subsequent appointment more participants can be booked.

Prices are (unless otherwise stated) per person in Euro incl. VAT.
Individuals are assigned to other participants, to achieve the minimum number of participants (Exception: Exclusive groups).
Unless otherwise indicated, all events suitable for beginners - advance held a briefing.

General questions about the tours, Review of available dates and special requests please indicate in the comment field.

We will get back to you as soon as possible - usually . within of 24 Hours primarily by e-mail.
The appointment of a tour tickets will only be binding, when we will contact you and have a date agreed with you.
Payment is made at the expense (transfer, PayPal or direct debit) only after a confirmed reservation, or. shipping of the voucher.

For your request, or. Booking is processing your data naturally necessary. In our Data protection inform you of the type, Manner and scope. If you have questions about, contact us in advance by phone or e-mail.

INQUIRY AND ORDER on quad tours in Kassel

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