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Quad Tour Sittensen

Start: Sittensen, 45 km west. Hamburg-Harburg, 70 km east. Bremen, 35 km west. Buchholz in der Nordheide

A delightful blend of small streets, lanes, Meadows and forests is good for quads. The starting point in Sittensen is easily accessible from Bremen and Hamburg reached by motorway.

The form to book and for inquiries is located at the bottom of this page!

Quad Tour Nordheide from Sittensen

We drive around for a briefing 3 Hours through the wilderness of the North Heath between Bremen and Hamburg.
ca. 3 Hours
Price per person: 129,- € (Co-driver 39,- €, no change)

Information about all tours at this location

Minimum age: 18 years with driving license class B / 3 (Motor vehicle, car)
Participants have to sign before the tour starts disclaimer

Recommended : solid shoes, normal waterproof clothing, protective gloves, clothing to change
What to bring: driver's license, identity card, Confirmation / voucher

Services: Tourguide, rental ATV, technical instructions and safety instructions, helmet for rent, petrol , final cleaning, liability
Optional costs on site: Balaclavas (2,50 €) and rainwear (5 €)

Tour size: It take at least. 4 riders. Individual applicants are grouped into one group. Co-Drivers are possible-.

Times including. Instruction and breaks, and depending on the individual participant compilation, weather, and traffic.

Season: March-November
Used vehicles: Access, Triton, Arctic Cat

Additional information:
The tours are suitable for beginners. Passenger and tours with his own quad are also possible. Photo / film shoots are allowed. Locker rooms and showers are not present.

Dates with free seats:

planned fixed dates 2021 (Fridays, saturdays, Sundays and public holidays):

May: 28.-30.5.
June: 11.-13.6. and 25.-27.6.
July: 2.-4.7. and 16.-18.7. and 30.7.
August: 1.8. and 13.-15.8.
September: 10.-12.9. and 24.-26.9.
October: 1.-3.10. and 15.-17.10. and 29.-31.10.
November: 12.-14.11. and 26.-28.11.

Start times:
saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 09:00, 12:30, 16:00 hours CET
Friday from 16:00 hours CET

The dates for 2022 are expected in mid-February 2022 released.

groups from 5 People can also request exclusive tours on any date from Monday to Friday for an additional charge.
If no suitable date in this case be recommended as alternatives the tours in Delmenhorst near Bremen and in the Lueneburg Heath (see links under Bremen and Lower Saxony).

Requirement for participation: current negative Covid-19 test, Vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 disease

Order vouchers or appointment Tickets

for coupons to give as a gift with 5 years validity,  Tickets for appointments or other inquiries

Gift certificates:
Shipping : either via e-mail (no additional) or by post with standard delivery (+ 2,50 €).
No date must be specified. In the later Appointments can be booked additional participants become.
Please do not use special characters in the text of your choice (no quotes either) and emojis. Unfortunately, these cannot be created on the PDF voucher at the moment.
Order without risk: You will receive an invoice with detailed information from us by email, Account number and PayPal link. The order is only binding and the voucher activated once payment has been made. You also have a 14-day return policy for vouchers.

Prices are (unless otherwise stated) per person in euros Incl. VAT.
Individuals are assigned to other participants, to achieve the minimum number of participants (Exception: Exclusive groups).
all events unless otherwise stated also suitable for beginners - it will advance a briefing held.
Ticket inquiries only become binding, if we confirm your desired date by e-mail and you confirm a booking link attached there and you receive an invoice from us.

General questions about the tours, review of free dates and special requests please Enter the Notes field.

We will get back to you as soon as possible - usually . within of 24 Hours primarily by e-mail.

Other Information:
All stated times are approximate and relate to the event incl. Instruction and breaks. You can due to current circumstances (weather, Diversions, Talks in the breaks, Driving speed etc.) deviate slightly up or down.

For your request, or. Booking is processing your data naturally necessary. In our Data protection inform you of the type, Manner and scope. Should you have questions about, contact us in advance by phone or e-mail.

INQUIRY AND ORDER on quad tours in Sittensen

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