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Quad tours in Hungary

Quad-week in Hungary from Domonyvölgy

Type of tour: On- and off-road
Dates: yearly
Ticketing : Voucher, Tickets
Duration: 8 Tage, ca. 6 h. daily
Participants per group: 5 - 10
Minimum age: 18 years (car driving license)
Price: 1690,- €
Co-driver: not possible
Drive their own quad: from 790 €
Shipping charges: free (by e-mail) or € 2.50 (by post )
Payment methods : transfer, Direct debit, PayPal
Services for guided tours incl.: ATV rent, admission, Tourguide, fuel (not with its own quad), Helmet for rent, liability insurance, final cleaning, nights, breakfast, armored ride, Thermalbad, Quad rendition
Starting point:
Domonyvölgy, 45 km north east. Budapest

Description :
8day tour from Domonyvölgy by Hungary including. nights, Of sightseeing and historical centers, a tank tour and spa relaxation.
The Quadtour extends over the region of the wine and the Matra Bückgebirge to Eger, continue on Tokayj through the Puszta south to Debrecen, Bekescsaba und Kecskemet.
About Kecskemet we return to the north of Hungary.

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