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The right quad for your tour

Anyone interested in quads and beautiful longer intends, to make a quad tour, should inform before about the various quads, to be best equipped for the upcoming trip. Finally, there is a wide variety of quads that each perform different functions and are suitable for different environmental conditions and weather conditions.

For beginners are 50cc to, 125cc or 150cc Quads. These are all based on the performance of individual quads. For small, not too steep and complex road driving these quads optimally. You can optimally in a taste of the quad sport and find out, if those driving devices appeal to you. You can at first I rent a car at the best, before you buy your own one.

For experienced quad driver is 250cc quads are, which are suitable by their robust design ideal for driving on all types of terrain. But even a quad 300ccm is still easy for experienced, but beginners suitable. A variety of possibilities offered by this vehicle, both in leisure and in the land- and forestry economic area. Here's own acquisition worth already from the beginning, because these vehicles are preparing not only terrain Technically but on the normal road traffic much joy, is but one road use most often given.

Extensive land tours are ideal to drive with a quad 350cc. This vehicle has now been 30 PS on and ready for the driver to have great fun on the premises. Since this model is also a very robust and also faster than the previously mentioned, is a bit of experience certainly beneficial. Because with a quad certain risks associated, in terms of security, which is why a license approval is a prerequisite.

Maximum power and maximum fun for experienced drivers guarantee Quads 400+. Due to the powerful engine capacity measures and licensing regulations come into force.

So you see: depending on how you already experienced in dealing with quads are, own possibilities power levels for each different User Groups. Important is, that you do not overestimate and start small. Here the focus is on safety. No quad should be driven without helmet!

Rain or strong wind does not have to stand in the way of your quad tour. So there is especially for quads canopies or windshields, which can easily be attached on the Quad.

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