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ATV tour The quads are mostly abroad Yamaha, Kawasaki Polaris or manufactured and come mostly as a pure off-road vehicle to Europe. These are not approved in Europe for road use, so that the importers have to convert these. Here, in particular searchlights, blinker, brake lights, sidelights, speedometer, grown a second main lighting system and a coupling according to the standard EC-. Thus, the quads received approval as agricultural tractors. Since there are no limits for gasoline engines in this category, emissions testing is not necessary.

Many beginners vehicles up 300 ccm, mainly from Taiwan and China are supplied as standard with COC documents and said attachments.

For driving quads in Germany is the driving license class B (to 1998: class 3) and a minimum age of 18 years necessary as for cars. A special regulation exists for quads with a cylinder capacity 50 cm³. This can take even 16 year old with a driver's license Class S.

Quads can only drive on public roads. To drive on forestry tracks you need a permit. Driving in the great outdoors with motorized vehicles is prohibited.

A quad is taxed mostly as a car, depending on the engine capacity.
This applies above for most insurance policies with an engine capacity 50 ccm.

When driving with a quad existed since 21.12.05 in Germany to wear a helmet. In Austria and Switzerland, helmets must be worn.

Other mandatory is an approved first aid kit and a warning triangle. These are available in custom dimensions for Quads in stores. It may otherwise result in controls to a fee warning.

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