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driver's license

Traveling by quad: When is a driver's license required?

Quad biking has become this country established itself as a popular pastime. Here are several approvals, depending on the desired purpose. So it is for example possible, a quad as a country- or forestry tractor or even to use to carry passengers. However, this also a corresponding license must be. What driver's license, you may need a ride on the quad and in which cases are already driving children so, Read here.

What is actually a quad?

Quads fall under the category of motor vehicles. Although they have four wheels, Similar with its seat area optically but rather a motorcycle. As they are equipped with a four-wheel drive, Quads seem to be particularly attractive for off-road driving. For this reason they are also called "all terrain vehicle" - means - in short ATV, However, they are only allowed on public roads. Use in the wild and on forest roads in this country is strictly prohibited.

Approval of a quad

Depending on, which has authorization, the Quad, different categories of licenses are required. The approval is determined primarily by the intended use, the driving power as well as the weight of the ride vehicle. The following approvals are possible for a quad:

  • Easy-to car 45 km/h: The design speed may only 45 be km / h, the displacement must not exceed 50 include cubic centimeter.
  • A four-wheeled motor vehicle for passenger transport: Here is the default for an empty weight of up to exist 400 Kg and a maximum power of 15 Kilowatt.
  • Four-wheeled motor vehicle for carrying goods: Such a Quad is allowed an empty weight of 550 have kilograms, the performance is also included 15 Kilowatt.
  • Country- or forestry tractor: With this approval, the quad may only with a maximum 40 km / h are driven.

In the past, moreover, the possibility existed, allow a quad as an open car. Today, however, this is due to exceeding the noise limit values ​​for 74 decibel, which by the motorcycle typical construction is concluded, no longer allowed.

Quad driving with license

It needs no special Quad driving license be completed, most already have permission to drive an ATV because of an existing license. With these classes, you may use a quad on the road.

Category AM

Anyone with a "light-vehicles up to 45 km / h would like to drive ", only requires a license for category AM. This can be from the age of 16 complete years. It is for mopeds with engine, ie for mopeds and scooters, displayed, which also according to regulations a capacity of 50 Cubic centimeters and the maximum design speed of 45 km / h may not exceed. Another advantage of a quad with the approval "light-car" is the tax exemption. It only needs a simple insurance label as a proof, that the vehicle is reported at an insurance company, be attached.

License class L

With the driving L category those quads are allowed with the approval as a country- be driven or forestry tractor. The maximum speed of the machine should it 40 km / h do not exceed. At the same driver's license for another country may- and forestry equipment are used, such as self-propelled machines, Forklifts and Distribution trailer at a speed of 25 km/h. This license also can already 16 Years be purchased. Despite the low speed, it is at this admission but needed, carry safety vest and -dreieck.

Driving license

The normal car license corresponds to class B and can include travel on four-wheeled vehicles for the- how also used for freight. Quads with these approvals are subject to the same time in addition to the compulsory insurance of tax liability. If the quad yet received approval as a car, Moreover, there is the obligation, warning triangle, -Always carry vest and a first aid kit. Usually it also is necessary, to curb the power of a conventional Quads for use on public roads in Germany.
For almost all tours on our website, this license category B required. The exceptions (Tours for children / teenagers and / or Private course) are presented separately.

Quad driving without a license

Nowadays, quad biking a popular pastime is - even without an existing license. This is only possible, as long as the vehicle is on a private property. Companies, offering a ride on the quad even for families and groups, ensure appropriate guidance and supervision on their private land. On the one hand, this must not be connected to public roads, secondly, the permission of the landowner is of course a prerequisite.

Quad biking for kids

There are also so-called mini-quads, which are designed especially for the use of children. Depending on the manufacturer, they are offered for different age groups. There are already quads for children 6, 10, 12 or 14 years. The size of the displacement amounts here mostly on 40 to 125 cc, which affects the performance of the ride vehicle. In addition, the seat height in children varied quads. It is between 45 and 70 centimeters.

As already mentioned, Children quads are not allowed on public roads, be used only on private land. In addition, in any case, is a helmet to wear.

wear a helmet

The Highway Code (Highway Code) writes a protective helmet use while driving open three- or multi-wheeled motor vehicles with a maximum design speed of more than 20 km / h before. This obligation would only be omitted, when prescribed seat belts are fastened. These, however, do not exist in a quad, because they would not provide adequate protection.

Some quads is room for two passengers. It should be noted, that not only the driver must wear a helmet. Also, any passenger subject to wear helmets.

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