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Welcome to the exciting world of quads, where adventure awaits on four mighty wheels! Browse through our quad tours across Germany and discover the thrilling driving experience. Whether vouchers to give away or tickets for fixed dates, here the heart of every adventurer beats faster. Immerse yourself in the fascination of nature, your quad is already waiting - start your unforgettable adventure now! 🏞️🏍️

An ATV (quad) is a small off-road vehicle for one or two people with four thick wheels. The name comes from the Latin quadri (four). In English-speaking countries, the term ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) is mostly used.

The individual ATV tours can be found by clicking on the respective "ATV tours Germany" buttons at the top of the menu or at the bottom of the pictures..

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Either book an appointment directly or order a voucher first and the recipient decides for themselves later. With a 5 Annual general valid voucher you are flexible in terms of Quad Tour, region, tour type and date.. The delivery follows by e-mail for self-printing or by mail, usually . within 24 Hours.
Before each Quadtour a briefing takes place, so beginners in the tours on road, Meadows and forests can participate by.

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Quadtouren im Taunus und am Vogelsberg
Erlebe aufregende geführte Quadtouren im Taunus ab Waldsolms und ab Wölfersheim in der Wetterau, nördlich von Frankfurt! Rush through picturesque landscapes on roads and forest paths, dense forests and charming villages. Feel the wind on your face, while the adrenaline pulses through your veins. Discover hidden beauties of nature and enjoy an unforgettable adventure on four wheels. Your quad is already waiting - are you ready for the ultimate driving pleasure?? 1,5 – 4,5 Hours of guided tours to choose from.

Zu den Touren: im Taunus / im Wetteraukreis

New experience

e-Chopper tours Palatinate Forest from Neustadt an der Weinstraße
In addition to quad tours, we now also offer a very special experience: Guided tours on small back roads to vineyards and through valleys on a chopper scooter with a Harley feeling.

To the e-chopper tours from Neustadt an der Weinstraße

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On this map are all quad tour places in Germany and other countries. At a glance you can see, which quad tours are offered not only in a State, but also in the neighborhood.

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