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number of ATVs Quite strictly speaking there is a difference between Quad and ATV. Quads are as pure sport- and fun vehicles designed, ATVs are more tools for off-road. However, sporty driving with an ATV are possible.

The driver's seat has a saddle shape. is directed via a handlebar.
Quads have a rigid rear axle guided on a rocker, whereby the vehicle does not drift in curves. It also prevents the use of a differential gear. When the inner rear wheel loses contact with the road surface, go with differential gear traction lost, whereby the drive would act only on the free tires. This in turn would make it difficult to cornering.

When a heavier ATV and maintenance-intensive independent suspension is used to the double wishbones at the rear, more and more, which is advantageous in comparison to a rigid axle in difficult terrain. Here, too, is dispensed with a differential gear. When ATV larger balloon tires come with a low tire pressure used. This increases the pressure on the ground is less than the Quad.

The front wheels are guided on double cross-arms (A-Arms) named.
The front- and rear axles are often fitted with dampers. A separate surge tank provides for the reception of the displaced oil during compression and to cool the damper oil. The rear swing arm is in quality quads of lightweight aluminum die-cast.

Meanwhile, there are already a vehicle with power steering. Yamaha has incorporated the Grizzly 700 model. This facilitates the steering uncommonly.

For braking, disc brakes are used on the front- and rear axles. These are operated by multi-piston calipers. The frame usually consists of steel and aluminum at sports equipment.

A chain transmits power to the drive axis at the Quad. In ATVs, a maintenance and low- wear cardan drive is used.

The circuit for a quad takes the driver before by a manual foot switch. For safety reasons, the vehicles have a thumb throttle lever. The reverse gear can be inserted via a separate switch. There are also models with automatic circuits, which are not so popular with sports riders course.

In addition, other features can be incorporated naturally straight for race, p.e. steering damper, Nerv Bars, Kill-Switch to the engine stop crashes, Tuning parts for the engine, wider axes, lowering or wheel spacer.

The engine power is. in between 50 cc and 800 cc, or. 50 kW. The motors are usually four-stroke single-cylinder. But there are exceptions, p.e. and ATVs with diesel engines.
Old cars use carburetor, newer more fuel injection systems.

ATV tours can be booked via the respective federal states overviews menu.

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