ATV tours from Weisswasser in the Oberlausitz

Start: Weißwasser in the Oberlausitz

Around Weisswasser in the Oberlausitz we can offer you different tours and combinations on the streets and in the lignite mining.
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Quadtour Weisswasser
Beginner's Tour Weißwasser

Beginner's Tour

The easy beginner's tour starts with a briefing by trained Quad Guides. This guide you in small groups on paved and unpaved roads along the open pit and the surrounding area. In short intervals, the guide provides information on the viewed impressions.
Duration: ca. 1,5 h. incl. admission
Price per person: 69,- € (Co-driver 30,- €)

Quadtour Weisswasser
Adventure tour Oberlausitz

Adventure tour Oberlausitz

The mild to moderate tour combines the experience of quad driving on and off road. After the briefing, it is already on unpaved and crossige routes to practice. After a short lunch break, we then in the mine through forests and the Moor past with interesting impressions and views. This experience includes culture and action at its best.
Duration: ca. 2,5 h. incl. admission
Price per person: 99,- € (Co-driver 39,- €)

Quadtour Weisswasser
Adventure Tour Weisswasser

Adventure Tour

In the first part of the moderate Tour the quad biking is practiced on dirt and cross routes. After lunch, the adventure begins in the open pit with a variety of rides through forest and marsh.
Duration: ca. 4 h. incl. admission
Price per person: 149,- € (Co-driver 49,- €)
Option: Lunch included. drink 9,50 € per participant

Quadtour Weisswasser
Offroad Adventure Tour Weißwasser


These days quad tour combines voltage, fun and action.
After the briefing can be practiced on dirt and cross routes. Then the beautiful Oberlausitz and the large opencast mine to be explored. On- and offroad alternate here. On the way we experience a special view points and surprises, p.e. a quad-cross track. The tour is of medium difficulty. Passengers are not available on this tour.
Duration: ca. 5,5 h. incl. admission
Price per person: 199,- €
Option: Lunch included. drink 9,50 € per participant

Quadtour Weisswasser
Boat Quad combo tour Oberlausitz

Boat Quad combo tour Oberlausitz

A wonderful combination: Action and relaxation, road and water.
With the quads first it comes to medium light paved and unpaved paths along the pit along the boat harbor. This is where the fun and relaxing paddle ride starts. Upon arrival is possible, take lunch. during the breaks, information about the area are also here conveys.
Duration: ca. 5 h. incl. admission
Price per person: 179,- € (Co-driver 59,- €)
Extra costs on the spot: Wild boar stew with sauerkraut / bread and soft drink 9,90 € / Person

Quadtour Weisswasser
Lausitz Excursion Tour Weisswasser

Lausitz Excursion Tour (ATV, Segway and boat)

The Action-"Triathlon"-Tour combines 3 Other Events.
After an introduction we start with the moderate Quadtour on-and off-road. With the Segway, then drive around the lake to the port Bärwalder, on which the final boat tour. The group is divided, so that one half first cruises on the lake and then rises to the Segway. Reunited is a lunch on the plan. Good strengthened the second quad part begins to an action-packed off-road terrain. This moderate walk with three highlights is the king of our experience offers in the Oberlausitz.
Duration: ca. 5,5 h. incl. admission
Price per person: 199,- € (no passenger possible, max. 10 Participants)

ATV tour
Unlimited Discovery Tour Oberlausitz and Poland

Unlimited Discovery Tour Germany-Poland

This tour links two countries. First, it is in Germany on tarmac and on dirt Cross-sections to the east around the Neisse. We pass through fields and woods and ride on dirt roads. In Poland, it goes on and enjoy campfire, Ghost villages and sandy slopes. Of course, breaks are repeatedly made, where the tour guide telling about the regional characteristics of Silesia.
Because of the length and the right of the track quad experience should already exist for this tour.
Duration: ca. 8 h. incl. admission
Price per person: 299,- € (Co-driver 99,- €)
Option: Lunch included. drink 9,50 € per participant

We create an individual offer for corporate events, club trips, Stag parties, etc., p.e. in combination with barbecues or other events.

Information about all tours at this location

Minimum age: 18 years with driving license class B / 3 (Motor vehicle, car) – Passenger may be younger.
Participants have to sign before the tour starts disclaimer

Recommended : solid shoes, normal waterproof clothing, protective gloves, clothing to change, sunglasses, camera
What to bring: driver's license, identity card, Confirmation / voucher

Services: Tourguide, fuel, ATV for rent, protective gloves, final cleaning, Tour video
Extra cost: Bike helmets (3,50) and balaclavas can be borrowed.

Tour size: 4 – 11 Participants. You can also register individually to.
Co-driver: by appointment

Times including. Instruction and breaks, and depending on the individual participant compilation, weather, and traffic.

Season: March to October
Dates with free seats: weekly, availability on request

Order of vouchers or gift cards

for gift vouchers with 3 years validity,  Tickets for appointments or other inquiries

Gift certificates:
Shipping : either via e-mail (no additional), by mail in standard packaging (+ 2,50 €) or by mail with stronger paper and envelope (+ 4,00 € + 1,00 € for each additional voucher).
No date must be specified. During the subsequent appointment more participants can be booked.

Prices are (unless otherwise stated) per person in Euro incl. VAT.
Individuals are assigned to other participants, to achieve the minimum number of participants (Exception: Exclusive groups).
Unless otherwise indicated, all events suitable for beginners - advance held a briefing.

General questions about the tours, Review of available dates and special requests please indicate in the comment field.

We will get back to you as soon as possible - usually . within of 24 Hours primarily by e-mail.
The appointment of a tour tickets will only be binding, when we will contact you and have a date agreed with you.
Payment is made at the expense (transfer, PayPal or direct debit) only after a confirmed reservation, or. shipping of the voucher.

For your request, or. Booking is processing your data naturally necessary. In our Data protection inform you of the type, Manner and scope. If you have questions about, contact us in advance by phone or e-mail.

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