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ATV tours from Limbach through the Odenwald

Quadtour Limbach

Start: Limbach near Heilbronn
in the border region of Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and Bavaria
17 km north. Mosbach
43 km north. Heilbronn
80 Km south-west. Würzburg
45 km south-east. Michelstadt
45 km north east. Sinsheim

With the quad through the Odenwald – Suitable for beginners and advanced.
The form to book and for inquiries is located at the bottom of this page!

Quadtour Limbach
Beginner's Tour Limbach

Beginner's Tour

The Beginner's tour is intended for beginners and leads to a briefing on country roads through the surrounding area of ​​Limbach and Mudau.
The tours take place on Saturdays and Sundays between 9 and 17 pm (or negotiable)
Duration: ca. 1 hour
Price: 69 €
Co-driver: 19 €
Participants: 2 - 15 number of ATVs
from 6 drivers your group need 2. Tour Guide with additional cost 15 € per exclusive group

Mill Tour

A relaxing 2 hour quad bike tour on quiet roads through the Odenwald. On the tour through idyllic valleys, Asphalt and dirty way we drive from various mills: Einbacher mill, Limbacher mill, Heidersbacher mill, Roberner mill and the mill Trienzgrund. The journey over Lohrbach goes, Weisbach und Waldkatzenbach hinab in den Höllgrund. After the break, it's back on Strümpfelbrunn and Mülben to the starting point. A soft drink is included in the price.
Tours are on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 pm (or negotiable)
Duration: ca. 2 Hours
Price: 84 €
Co-driver: 29 €
Participants: 2 - 15 number of ATVs
from 6 drivers your group need 2. Tour Guide with additional cost 30 € per exclusive group


The guided tour Odenwald for beginners and advanced lead after a briefing in Limbach overly busy roads with beautiful curves past the castle Waldleiningen through the Odenwald to Hesseneck. Other waypoints are the Sensbachtal, the Höllgrund, the Katzenbuckel, Weisbach, Lohrbach and Fahrenbach.
The tours take place on Saturdays and Sundays between 9 and 17 pm (or negotiable)
Duration: ca. 3 Hours
Price: 99 €
Co-driver: 29 €
Participants: 2 - 15 number of ATVs
from 6 drivers your group need 2. Tour Guide with additional cost 45 € per exclusive group

Quadtour Limbach
Three countries tour Limbach

Three countries tour

Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria and Hesse - these are them 3 Federal states of this longer tour with diverse routes. A little persistence can't hurt.
The tour runs in the valley through Amorbach. It goes up into the GEO nature park. This is followed by a section on a mountain panorama route.
After the impressive Nibelungenstrasse, the tour ends again in the Odenwald.
The tours take place on Saturdays and Sundays between 9 and 17 pm (or negotiable)
Duration: ca. 4 Hours
Price: 119 €
Co-driver: 39 €
Participants: 2 - 5 number of ATVs

On- and Offroad Tour

Saturday is an off-road terrain with obstacles, Hills and mud routes available. The journey from the starting point and carried back over quiet roads. In the Race Bar you can strengthen. The off-road tour takes place only from spring to autumn.

Duration: ca. 4 Hours
Price: 199 €
Co-driver: not possible
Participants: 5 - 10 number of ATVs, possibly on request. more
from 6 drivers your group need 2. Tour Guide with additional cost 60 € per exclusive group

Information about all tours at this location

Minimum age: 18 years with driving license class B / 3 (Motor vehicle, car) - Passenger may be younger.
normal physical condition
Participants have to sign before the tour starts disclaimer

Recommended : solid shoes, normal waterproof clothing, protective gloves, clothing to change
What to bring: driver's license, identity card, Confirmation / voucher
Total weight (Driver and front passenger): 150 kg

Services: Tourguide, admission, ATV for rent, petrol , Helmet rental, liability insurance, soft drink
Extra cost: When booking a group from 6 drivers your group need 2. Tour Guide needed. The costs are 15 € / h and will be added to the group total.

Tour size: 3 - 10 number of ATVs. Passenger are possible, However, no change.
Hints: The dates are inclusive. Instruction and breaks and can due to different driving speeds per group, Weather conditions and other general conditions are only approximate.

Season: all year
Dates with free seats: on Saturday and Sunday between 9 and 17 hours CET, availability on request

Requirement for participation: current negative Covid-19 test, Vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 disease

Order of vouchers or gift cards

You can request vouchers further down on this page- and order the order form.
You can also General quad vouchers for all tours on our portal as well Power vouchers for quad, Segway- and order buggy experiences.

Quick Service:
The vouchers can (unless otherwise specified ) optionally sent immediately by e-mail to print out yourself and redeemed after receipt of payment.

Shipping :
The vouchers or tickets will be sent by email shortly after the order has been placed. For sending by post (only coupons) should you 1-3 Calculate days.
You can choose to receive vouchers by email (no additional) , by mail in standard packaging (+ 2,50 €) or in a gift envelope (+ 4,00 €).
No date must be specified. When making an appointment later, additional participants can be booked.

Coupon redemption:
Please redeem vouchers via the following link: Redeem voucher

You have at Coupons the right, to withdraw from this contract within fourteen days without giving reasons. The withdrawal period is fourteen days from the date on which you or a third party indicated by you, who is not the carrier, the goods repossessed or have. the goods. You will receive complete information on the right of withdrawal here and enclosed when you send your voucher. You can this form use for the revocation.

Exclusion of the cancellation:
For Tickets the respective different cancellation deadlines of the provider apply, are valid, which you receive as an e-mail attachment for an offer. Before it is acknowledged and accepted, the ordering process is considered a non-binding request on your part and an offer on our part.


Phone: 05322 - 9049150
telephone availability: daily in the period from 10.00 - 17.00 clock or mailbox (we will call you back)

Before you call or email:

  • Please make appointment requests for the weekend by Thursday at the latest,
  • we can only accept vouchers, that have been ordered on our portal. Vouchers from other portals cannot be redeemed with us,
  • because of the numerous inquiries in the high season (April-September) can answers regarding. free dates currently take a little longer, therefore please ask at the earliest 2 Days later after (if you have not yet received an answer),
  • Please use our forms for normal orders and appointment requests as a matter of priority, so that we have more time for advice on the phone,
  • for inquiries about tours that have already been booked (p.e. Compulsory test) please use the contact details on your ticket on the 1. Side down,
  • If you have any questions on the mailbox, please also provide us with your e-mail address if possible.
  • Please redeem vouchers via the following link: Redeem voucher

We create an individual offer for corporate events, club trips, Stag parties, etc., p.e. in combination with barbecues or other events.

Order vouchers or appointment Tickets

for coupons to give as a gift with 5 years validity,  Tickets for appointments or other inquiries

Gift certificates:
Shipping : either via e-mail (no additional) or by post with standard delivery (+ 2,50 €).
No date must be specified. In the later Appointments can be booked additional participants become.
Please do not use special characters in the text of your choice (no quotes either) and emojis. Unfortunately, these cannot be created on the PDF voucher at the moment.
Order without risk: You will receive an invoice with detailed information from us by email, Account number and PayPal link. The order is only binding and the voucher activated once payment has been made. You also have a 14-day return policy for vouchers.

Prices are (unless otherwise stated) per person in euros Incl. VAT.
Individuals are assigned to other participants, to achieve the minimum number of participants (Exception: Exclusive groups).
all events unless otherwise stated also suitable for beginners - it will advance a briefing held.
Ticket inquiries only become binding, if we confirm your desired date by e-mail and you confirm a booking link attached there and you receive an invoice from us.

General questions about the tours, review of free dates and special requests please Enter the Notes field.

We will get back to you as soon as possible - usually . within of 24 Hours primarily by e-mail.

Other Information:
All stated times are approximate and relate to the event incl. Instruction and breaks. You can due to current circumstances (weather, Diversions, Talks in the breaks, Driving speed etc.) deviate slightly up or down.

For your request, or. Booking is processing your data naturally necessary. In our Data protection inform you of the type, Manner and scope. Should you have questions about, contact us in advance by phone or e-mail.

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