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Behavior in an accident situation

Behavior in an accident situation – So you should act!

A small moment of inattention on the road is sufficient, in order to cause severe damage. Often, the parties are in such a case, in shock and does not know, how to behave. outweighs the fear even more damage to inflict. But the basic principle: No matter, whether it is an accident involving personal injury or minor parking damage, anything is better than not to act. What you should pay attention concretely, explains the association for citizens' transport policy on its free Counselor portal. – Isabel Frankenberg

In an accident situation, most people are overwhelmed and do not know, what to do. The rest to preserve is indeed difficult but important. The only way to ensure one's own and the safety of everyone involved. In addition, some priorities are during an accident, urgently need to be met. This includes primarily the protection of the accident site. Therefore, it is urgent, to turn on the hazard warning lights of the vehicle, applying a safety vest and the warning triangle, which must carry every driver, establish. This will ensure the visibility of the accident and prevent further rear-end collisions.


Every driver has at least once completed a first aid course in his life and is therefore required by law to first aid. Whoever evades these, must reckon with criminal charges. So should the injured are at the scene, they must be supplied as soon as possible. This includes already calming the person concerned as well as alerting the emergency call, which automatically notifies the emergency services and the police. If victim has serious injuries or even unconscious, more first-aid measures must be initiated. These include heat chamber, making the recovery position and the heart pressure massage. To be sure, that you master these measures even many years after obtaining the driving license, is recommended, to visit another first aid course at regular intervals and refresh the knowledge.


but even, if you initiate any first aid measures, an emergency call should be discontinued. This means that the rescue workers have to adjust to the condition of the injured advance, You should therefore describe how the accident happened and the injuries of the person concerned scrupulously. The following questions must be answered:


  • who?
  • Was?
  • Where?
  • How many?


In the final step, the contact details of all parties involved in accidents to be replaced. If the accident opponents seriously injured, the information can be stored in the police.


Many wonder, whether the police must be informed of any accident. Basically, it comes here on the severity of the accident. Are people injured or even killed in an accident, is the notification of the officials in any case compulsory. Only so investigations could be initiated for the sequence of events. But even with severe damage of objects, such buildings, you need to contact the police. same for, if the fault is unresolved question or one of the participants is the message of the accident.


If it is minor damage, such as dents or scratches on the vehicle, the e.g.. caused by a park accident, the police need not necessarily be informed. Nevertheless, evidence should be secured in this case. This includes e.g.. the production of accident sketches or photographs of the vehicle damage.


More information on "behavior during an accident" can be found at

About the Association of Citizens' transport policy E.V.


the VFBV. e. V. was established in March 2014 founded by lawyer Mathias Voigt and has set itself the task to answer questions and ambiguities from the traffic law and eliminate. For this, the VBFV published e. V. Legal contributions to the traffic law on the portals, and


The overall aim is to, to provide comprehensive information portals, where can interested citizens to learn about all aspects of transport law in Germany.